Mac os x 10.8 hardware test

Posted: Tue Mar 11, am.

How to access hardware test mode on Mountain Lion?

Posted: Tue Mar 11, pm. This really is surprising. Posted: Wed Mar 12, am. The 3A That's pre OS X, isn't it? It's next to "Apple Hardware Test". Posted: Fri Apr 11, pm. Joined Sat Mar 29, pm Posts 4. After researching I found this link on apples website. I'm assuming that the test is on Disk 1. I can't find my Disk 1 but I have Disk 2.

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I tried booting from it and it didn't work. Maybe the software worked great with OS X that apple didn't want to update it until The new Apple Diagnostics looks way better can be run over the internet. Posted: Sun Apr 20, pm. I always wondered this myself. Great investigation, Marcello! I wonder why they wouldn't just update the bitmaps at some point Posted: Mon Jun 02, pm.

Joined Mon Jun 02, pm Posts 3. I asked the Apple Genius about this. Allegedly, the software has more in common with the initial Server build of OS X visually and functionally, but under the hood, it's the same core as Mavericks. Posted: Tue Oct 21, am. Nowadays, the Macs can be booted off a local network to run a set of diagnostics. These Macs have the "Diagnostic Gateway" installed, which requires Internet access to be able to talk to a server in Cupertino. An application called Gateway Manager configures the server component that allows use these NetBoot images.

You can load as many as you want, but if your Apple ID doesn't check out, or if the server is not connected to the Internet, then the gateway daemon won't run and you cannot boot any of these images. Posted: Fri Apr 03, pm. You can load as many as you want, but if your Apple ID doesn't check out, or if the server is. Posted: Sat Apr 04, am.

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  • The AHT can usually be found on one of your Mac's install dvds!

Nice necromancing. But since you are talking about it now, I may as well as talk. If you find yourself in this situation, you have two basic choices. You can give Apple a call and order a replacement disk set.

Using the Boot Process

You'll need your Mac's serial number; here's how to find it:. Once you have the serial number, you can call Apple support at APL-CARE or use the online support system to initiate a request for replacement media. They should be able to run the AHT for you, as well as help diagnose any issues you're having. Once you finish using the Apple Hardware Test, you can quit the test by clicking either the Restart or Shut Down button.

The error codes generated by the Apple Hardware Test tend to be cryptic at best, and are meant for Apple service technicians. Many of the error codes have become well known, however, and the following list should be helpful:. Most of the above error codes indicate a failure of the related component and may require having a technician look at your Mac, to determine the cause and the cost for a repair.

This can be helpful for some errors, including logic board and fan problems. You can perform additional troubleshooting for memory RAM , hard disk , and external disk problems. In the case of a drive, whether internal or external, you can try to repair it using Disk Utility which is included with OS X , or a third-party app, such as Drive Genius.

If you still have memory issues, you may need to replace the RAM.

How to Start the Diagnostic Mode on a MacBook Pro

Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. From the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Shut down your Mac, if it's on. If you're testing a Mac portable, be sure to connect it to an AC power source. Do not run the test from the Mac's battery. Press the power button to start your Mac. Immediately hold down the D key. Be sure the D key is pressed before a gray screen appears.

If the gray screen beats you to the punch, wait for your Mac to start up, then shut it down and repeat the process. Continue to hold the D key until you see a small icon of a Mac on your display. Once you see the icon, you can release the D key.

3 Memory Testing Utility for Mac OS X •

A list of languages that can be used to run the AHT will appear. The Apple Hardware Test will check to see what hardware is installed in your Mac.

How to use Apple Hardware Test

You may need to wait for a bit for the hardware probe to complete. Once it's complete, the Test button will be highlighted. Before you press the Test button, you can check what hardware the test found by clicking on the Hardware Profile tab. Look through the list of components to ensure that your Mac's major components are showing up correctly. If anything appears to be wrong, you should verify what your Mac's configuration should be.

You can do this by checking Apple's support site for the specifications on the Mac you are using. If the configuration information doesn't match up, you may have a failed device that will need to be checked and repaired or replaced. If the configuration information appears to be correct, you can proceed to the testing.

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