Mac os low battery warning

Please ignore my comment. At least the app was free! When I plug in the power adapter again it turns green for a second and the different battery symbols show that, too. Just a second later everything turns into charging and calculating how long it takes to charge without a result and power adapter turns from green to orange. Or you can just click on the battery icon and it will tell you how much time remains.

One thing I have noticed about battery drainage in Mountain Lion is my Mac runs much warmer and the fans are always running, but no processes can be tracked down.

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So what is Mountain Lion doing behind the scenes? Something with iCloud?

Third Party: Power Manager

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Get Battery Time Remaining Alerts in OS X Notification Center

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It retrieves most notably the current percentage of battery charge remaining and whether or not the battery is currently charging. There are three properties at the top of the script you can safely change to your liking. In verbose mode, the battery percentage and charging status are reported every time the script is run.

This will probably get irritating if you run the script minute-by-minute, so it's set to false by default. However, when the battery level falls below the threshold , you will be alerted by a notification in the notification centre, and the soothing Scottish tones of Moira who'll provide an audible warning that the batter is low.

Low Battery Notification | AppleVis

If the battery level becomes critically low, you'll get a pop-up alert that you will have to physically dismiss yourself. The script also returns a bunch of other information about the battery, which generally speaking, you'll won't see. But, if the script gets executed by a launchd plist, the information returned gets logged in a log file, which you can inspect at your leisure. You've already found a good link to describe the basics about writing a.

turn on low battery warning?

I'll summarise the salient points here:. In this instance, I've saved mine as local. I've also saved my AppleScript at the path you can see specified in the plist. Therefore, I saved the AppleScript as simply Battery. StartInterval is where you can specify the interval in seconds at which the script should be run.

Personally, I think 60 seconds is a bit overkill, but I set it at that for testing. In practice, I might choose to set it at something like 10 minutes , but you can judge what's best for you. If you change the path of the log file, don't forget to update the file property in the AppleScript. If, later, you make any changes to the. Upon successful loading of the. That battery information is pretty interesting the first time, but possibly quite redundant for most use cases.

Anyway, if the extra data isn't something you see yourself needing, I've seen the comment left by user that gives a very nice, compact, and simple way of retrieving the more salient information about the battery, i. This could arguably be a more appropriate AppleScripting solution than my ObjC method, which will carry a small overhead with it, plus make for a much shorter script. For now, I'm sticking with mine, because I apparently have battery health issues and should probably get that addressed.

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