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Any well behaved Mac program with Find should honor these same keys. Learn them once. Use them everywhere. I literally mean everywhere too, because the Find clipboard is shared between all applications.

How to Quickly Find and Replace Text Across Multiple Files with One Command

The problem with the TextMate 1 version of this feature is that it used its own shortcuts for moving to the next or previous match. Even if the next match is another file, TextMate 2 will take you there. You might want to consider devoting brain power to learning this as well:. Of course, TextMate adds a ton of other shortcuts for Find operations.

See the article on Multiple Carets for a more thorough discussion of just how great Find All can be. Another tweak keyboard Find users are likely to enjoy is the addition of tooltip feedback for a few operations. Also, you get a tooltip with match counts during Find All or Replace All operations.

Finally, you will see little stars marking matches in the gutter as you are working through a Find in Project searches. A lot of users resorted to using tools like grep or ack to achieve similar results faster. It you have turned your back on the feature in the past, give it another shot after upgrading to TextMate 2. Keeping with our skip-the-dialog theme though, TextMate 2 now allows you to use old searches straight from the keyboard.

First, the unification of the Find and Find in Project dialogs means that you can get all of the matches from a single document presented in a list as Find in Project has always done. To see this list, use the Find All button note that this is different from the Find All menu command. There are also the new Full Words and Ignore Whitespace checkboxes.

A typical use case for this would be if you have multiple lines of code that you want to find.

For example, say that I have five lines of code that I am almost certain is copied from elsewhere and I want to refactor it into a shared function. A problem with finding the other use of that code is that it might be indented differently. Use Ignoring Whitespace though and TextMate 2 will still find it. You can see which number is attached to which file by clicking of the result list header, for a pop-up. It also provides tools to introduce contextual information into your replacement string, for instance: the current date, the name of the file where the replacement is in progress, etc.

The preview feature helps you write the proper regexp for your use case, and verify what the result looks like. For each batch-replacement, it provides statistics about the number of replacements within every modified file, and counts the number of processed files. Of course, all classical features of such a tool, like the possibility to save your job, backup modified files, export the replacement report, and much more are available.

It allows to apply nearly any kind of transformation to any text pattern that could be described by a regular expression. These key features associated to many others makes it one of the most feature rich tool to find and replace with regular expressions across multiple files.

Regular expression examples

It's also a powerful tool for converting the text encodings charsets conversion, including the Byte Order Marks , or the end-of-line delimiters, across multiple files. In addition, it's probably the only software in this category that is cross-platform! You can dock panes side by side, arrange them in tabs, or make them float. Adjust the windows layout to the way you like to work.

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You can switch from one layout to another in a simple click. This feature enables you to effectively maintain websites, whatever the language. All of those files use a distinct text encoding, but they all need to be updated when one need to rename something across the project. Several competitors do not handle at all the encoding detection. In the same way, most of the competitors don't like big files and might just hang if you try to handling a 2 GB file. It is also the only software we've ever seen that offers a JavaScript interface to process any replaced text on the fly! You can apply some JavaScript whenever the software replaces a piece of text somewhere in a file, thus enabling any kind of contextual text transformations.

The software offers a unique preview window that enables you to check in one glance the matching text occurrences and the replaced content for your active parameters of search and replace. Finally, it is cross-platform. That is something pretty rare and very useful for developers.

TextEdit Pattern Search and Replace

This involves mixing all the classical possibilities of regular expressions with JavaScript programming. The regular expressions enables you to search for very complex string patterns, while the scripting interface provides a way to dynamically format, convert, or transform each matched expression. Thus, the regexp tells what should be transformed, while the script allows nearly any kind of transformation. The best way to really understand why this feature is so nice is probably to give some examples.

That's why we propose a special package of examples. How about automatically transform all references to file paths into either relative or absolute paths, according to their real location?