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Ahh, that is interesting! Could it be a resolution issue? I mean, it still shouldn't happen, but maybe thats why it looks ok to me.

JDK Switch Script

Not sure. My only guess is Apple may have fixed something within the JVM to resolve font rendering issues on external monitors with third party applications? I do know I don't see this font issue with other OSX apps.

Just PhpStorm which also happens to be the only java app I use. I don't like that Apple pulls herself with a blanket and gives users a leaky Java 6 with most of the vulnerabilities that it is not possible to fix without changing major release. In JDK9 and the latest build of Java 8 added flags for deduplication resource consumption and the new garbage collector that reduces impact and resource consumption of the IDE.

After upgrading to Yosemite, the OS re-installed Java 1. Mostly, since I did get a Java crash in ant, outside of JetBrains , so I filed a bug with Apple, and they responded that Java is no longer supported. They still install it for you-- and a newer version, even-- but it appears to crash more often and they don't support it. And with Oracle discontinuing Java 7 at about the same time, we need a version that targets Java 8. The problem is in the font, java.

Just going to go with that until JetBrains updates the default version. I'm going to have to switch out from using PyCharm unless this is fixed very soon. This could not have been a surprise as I'm sure JetBrains has access to beta version of Apple software. I'm not going to hack, modify or install an outdated, obsolete JDK in order to run the software. After cleaning project caches this problem seems to have gone away. I'm not quite sure if it totally fixed it, but for now I'm out of the storm I changed the Info. I agree with other posters, it's absurd to insist on a totally obsolete version of the JDK.

Please sign in to leave a comment. Submit a request. Sign in. Sort by Date Votes. So far I have not had a single problem except that WebStorm was so out of date. Side-by-side comparison. Yes, but it's not as noticeable. However, that hurts the eyes now.

Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. If unsure why check the script. This shouldn ' " ' " ' t be an issue, as event the JDK 6 32bit is working, however 32bit mode doesn ' " ' " ' t work for this hacky install of JDK 5. Adapt it to your needs. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. This worked great.

Download Java for OS X

Thanks a lot. Thanks, Script worked great. I'll update the gist to add a warning message for Mountain Lion owners! Thanks for the report :. This script is for Lion and Moutain Lion but should works with Snow also?

Installing Metasploit Framework on Mountain Lion and Mavericks

The output from the command line is Matching Java Virtual Machines 4 : 1. Do you still want to proceed? Yes, I redo everything today : 1. Of course I need to have those two version at the same time. Thanks again for your help, I hope you are not bothered by those Lotus Notes Annoyances Hello, At the end of the day I found something!! I reinstalled everything I. As to choose what Java to force Notes to use I never found out how to do that Anyway thanks a lot for you help and sorry for the thread pollution.

I'll probably need to warn users about that inconcistency one day or another. Thanks for the update anyway :. Thanks so much for the script. I just ran it on When trying to execute a program with that java, I am getting: Cannot run Java in 32 bit mode. I have the message too but then it works like a charm!

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Are you sure your exception is related to JDK5 installation? Hi, Pierre do you find a solution, i've the exactly same problem :' Thanks. With the fix by jfougere, it works for me. System: OS X This is not working with elcapitan. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. This script is edited by Brice Dutheil.

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Translate button is broken for now, please use Google to translate this website. Added a simple example of a JDK switch function. Can dowload the Java DMG itself if not present in same directory. Colored the output a bit, works well on a black background.

OSX Yosemite and Java Runtime Environment FIX

Added tips for using the different JVMs. Make sure only root can run the script.

Commands - from above config

Make sure the user understand he is all alone if something goes wrong. This shouldn ' " ' " ' t be an issue, as event the JDK 6 32bit is working,. If installing using RVM be warned that symlinks will not work do to the way it places the binary stubs of the metasploit-framework gem. Once the packages have been install we need to install the required Ruby libraries that metasploit depends on:. Configure Postgres to automatically load on login, the instruction bellow are as an example copy and paste the commands that the brew installer showed and follow any other instruction it shows :.

PostgreSQL will now start every time a user logs in. Create user called msf for use in Metasploit:. Record the password used for the account created since it will be used when configuring the framework. For regular use of the framework only needs to clone the Git repository and create the necessary links and set the variable for the database config file.

From the Metasploit-Framework folder lets use the Bundler Gem to install the properly supportted Gem versions:. Before starting to use the framework we need to create the database config file and set the parameters:.