Format hard drive for mac and pc using disk utility

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However, it is an open-source program, so use it at your own risk. Many have vouched for its success, but others complain about bugs. The commercial solution, which will give you access to support and software updates, is Paragon NTFS. Here's how:. Then, select your hard drive from the left sidebar. Now go to the Erase tab. Then, click Erase at the bottom to format the drive.

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Please note that this will complete erase the drive. Any data you want to keep on that drive must be backed up elsewhere first.

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This is an open-source program, so use it at your own risk. Alternatively, you can opt for paid software like MacDrive instead. Option 3: Create two partitions on your hard drive to use with each OS, separately. This solution is a little different than the previous two because instead of having one hard drive that works with both machines, you're splitting your HD into two sections, each dedicated to a different OS.

For example, if you have a 1TB hard drive, GB of storage can be used with your Windows computer, and will be dedicated to your Mac computer. You won't be able to write to the Mac side from your Windows computer, and vice versa, but it's a good solution for people who want all the advantages each format has to offer for its respective system.

How to Format a Hard Drive on Mac to Work on Mac and PC: 15 Steps

Here's how to do it:. Select the drive from the left sidebar, then click the Partition tab. Drives also have a disclosure triangle next to them that can be used to reveal or hide the volume information. A panel will drop down, warning you that erasing the selected drive will destroy all data on the drive. It will also allow you to name the new volume you're about to create.

How to Manage Disks and Volumes with OS X’s Disk Utility

Select the format type and partition map scheme to use see below. In the Erase panel, enter the new name for the volume you're about to create. Make your selection. In the Erase panel, after you have made all of your selections, click the Erase button. Click the Done button. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. Thanks so much!! Thanks so much for this very helpful and clear explanation. Format your hard drive, or every partition on it, using NTSF. There are different ways to do that.

So you need to activate it:. Unmount your drive, then plug it back in. I tried using exFAT on a 32 gb USB drive and it worked on my mac and it worked on my pc but not on my philips smart tv. This is a very useful article. One limitation is that it is not useful for Mac backups or for use as a Mac Boot Drive. This is complete crap. Thanks, pretty much well explained in a way. Appreciated your efforts! I want to transfer all the the files from my Windows formatted external hard to an exFat formatted external hard drive. Great advice, worked like a charm.

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  • Quickly Format an External Hard Drive for Mac and Windows PC?
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I just used on 2TB flash drive that worked poorly on mac. Thank you so much for this easy to follow and understand explanation. I have OS X Really appreciate how you explained everything in simple terms, so not only was I able to do the formatting, I also understand what I am doing and why.

Format a disk for Windows computers using Disk Utility on Mac

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The best ways to format an external drive for Windows and Mac

Tell a friend to "Go MacYourself. Hardware Tips. Select your external hard drive or USB flash drive from the list on the left. Click on the Erase tab.

Partition the drive on Windows 10

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