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Max apps on the Mac App Store live on! Mar 07 pm. Hi everyone, I am trying to upload an app to the app store, and thanks to the "Your Max Standalone on Mac App Store" article, i am getting somewhere! I signed everything i should, i think Took me while but everything ok.

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Made the. The pre-pkg app.. Could it be the same problem with the entitlements that rarasmus had?

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  • Thank you very much in advance, Nikolas. Does seem like a different problem, but could be the same fundamental issue that rarasmus had. I would try following the same procedure that he outlined above to codesign your app, but use the. Also, wat does your app do? That will influence what. Mar 08 am. No audio input, just sample playback.

    I also use it with the rewire driver, does hat make any difference on what the. I tried building the pkg, before to codesigning it with the. The entitlement codesigning must be done to all.. Sorry for the questions, but these things are unfamiliar to me. Mar 08 pm. You need to sign the.

    The binaries inside that I sign are:. You will likely have to sign the ReWire stuff as well. Did it all over again, patch build and signing.

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    While signed, everything runs OK. Then, med the. Double click It doesn't even shows on the screen. The menubar shown no items, only the app name, and after seconds crashes. If anyone has the time or any thoughts about this situation would be much appreciated. Attached is the crash report. Really not sure what's going on then, sorry. From the crashlog, it seems like it's dying just after or during? At least, that's a start! Thank for the help! Replaced and it seems to work alright!

    Thanks again! Cool, glad I could help! Jun 15 pm. If I enter the codesign command again it passes without reply. I can create a package file and the installer works but the app is launching very slow after installation with the spinning beach ball spinning for minutes. This makes me think that it's not finding your codesigning identity - weird though that if you issue the command again it works Are you sure you are using the exact name of your codesigning identity in the command?

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    Oh, re: the app starting slowly - I think there might be a bug in the current Max distribution that causes standalones not to respect the status of the usesearchpath attribute for the standalone object; this makes your app search all app subfolders in your Applications folder for files. You can verify this by looking at the Max window in your application - if you have another Max-based application in your Applications folder, your app will likely see a conflict with several files from the other Max app.

    I have pasted the exact name from the developer certificate. The error shows only when I try to sign some of the Frameworks and not when I sign the App itself. Could it be the command line tools from Xcode that are causing the problem? I will check the Max window to see whether other Max based apps are causing the slow startup. But they all launch fast without the beachball.

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    Jun 16 am. Weird - can you post the exact commands you are using? Maybe I can spot something that's different from what I've been doing. Re: those other apps starting up quickly - the bug I think was only introduced in the most recent versions of Max. So assuming actually for my two, knowing that those apps were built with earlier versions of Max that didn't have the bug - that explains it.

    I've reported the problem to Cycling, and hopefully will be addressed soon. And this is how it looks in the Terminal window:. And another strange thing is that the standalone app creates temp folders in the Preferences folder containing all the externals used in the app. Should'nt these externals by encapsulated in the. It seems that the standalone external has a bug as you mentioned.

    Here is a jpg showing that all the externals used in my Standalone app is contained in the Apps Preferences folder. Jun 16 pm. Not sure about the extra temp folder in the Preferences folder, but my guess is that it may have something to do with the codesigning? Re: that problem, I see two issues right away:. There are extra quotes on all the commands here and I have been wondering about that too. I will remove them and try again. I think it has to do with the formatting commands used in the article.

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    I'll try to see if someone from Cycling can fix it The codesign and productbuild process works now without errors after removing the extra set of quotes. So far so good :- But now the. I get this information from the installer log, when I try to install my App from the. The App does'nt show up in in the Applications folder. I fixed it - it was a permissions problem So all is well now, right?

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    • Next stop, Mac App Store? Jun 17 pm. Yeah, next stop Mac App Store. Thanks for your kind help and support:- I will post a link when the app is up and running Hi, i am trying to submit an app to the app store Done codesigning and followed all the article instructions and the app got in line for review. I have uploaded it 5 times, and always they reject it because of the same problem. The app is a step sequencer with a drop menu which includes some basic rhythms. I was running into the same issue with the keychain password when I ran locally but strangely my app was getting signed on the CircleCI build.

      Which was really weird. And once I realized that I figured everything out! For reference, you can check out my working config. The trick is baseencoding the application certificate i. My config has the following workflow defined:. I am trying it right now. Please, this would help us move past this problem. I owe you a beer, assuming you like it.

      That may be of interest to others as well, so have a look at that repo if so. And I love beer, so all we need is the opportunity. Make sure that it's ONLY the certificates that are not recognized. I've tried to assist customers that have effectively become locked out of code signing, by revoking all identities and then Xcode wouldn't create new Developer ID certificate. Which I filed as a bug and they told me that's by design, so when I inquired on how I'am meant to get Developer ID certificates installed All went quiet Thankfully for me, I was only setting up a test machine in Sierra and was able to copy my certs from my El Cap machine across, which then worked.

      In KeyChain access do you see the certificates? Do they disclosure triangles on them? If so, when you click them, do you see a "Key" entry with your name on it? If you don't then you have the certificate, but not the code signing key. I think it's about time I became reacquainted with the old way of generating and installing code signing identities. Also can you both check using KeyChain access the status of a certificate called "Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority" certificate, do you have it?

      Apple Code Signing Certificate Guide

      Has it expired? Then try installing the latest one. App Wrapper then says a codesigning error occurred, without being specific. And the Apple worldwide developer relations certificate authority has not expired. I don't know enough about all this to explain why there are three of everything. I feel like I'm running in circles within circles, as indeed I may be So today; I've re-written the code signing diagnostics for App Wrapper.

      This in theory should give us a clearer picture of what's going on.

      "No identity found" error when codesigning app

      Apple like to cache everything in memory nowdays and still tell us 16GB is more than enough. Restarting can clear this cache. For future reference I've found the document on Apple site which talks about resettings your identities. Good catch, Sam. I opened Keychain again and selected to evaluate my developer certs. The root of the problem is "No root cert found.