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I will report back, but man, that keyboard was stressing me out. The only fix that works, is to have Apple replace the keyboard under the extended warranty program, period! After you had your MacBook Pro keyboard replaced by Apple, have the keyboard problems been resolved for you? It started a few months ago. The only way to stop it is to choose the word suggested over the keypad but that is only the word I want about half of the time.

Just tilt it, hold it upside down, whatever. You should also try this with your laptop turned off, so the dust may not glue to your keyboard due to the electrical charge — this is just a guess btw, not sure if it really works that way. After doing this you should already encounter this issue very rarely and it should be completely gone in a few days. Hope this helps somebody. Fantastic, thank you! I have a iMac Retina … that exhibits undesirable key repeats.

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I assumed it might just be wear and tear on the keyboard, though the keyboard seemed particularly prone to the problem from the start. It disappoints me to no end that some of these keyboards are doing this. I am not convinced it is software, I think it is hardware.

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The iFixit teardown showed they tried to help the key issue by putting a plastic slip under the keys in the models, but there are many complaints that the MacBook keyboards have the same reliability problems anyway. I found this link to be a good overview of complaints from many well known Apple fans and prominent members of the Mac community. It is hard to know how widespread the key repeating problem is, but there are many threads on Apple Discussion boards about this topic with a lot of attention.

I fear that Apple is causing brand damage by allowing the keyboard problems to continue. Sorry to say it but we all know it that Steve Jobs would not have allowed this keyboard saga to continue. Where Apple is most lost post-Steve is in this kind of thing, addressing obvious issues that when left unfixed cause brand damage. Not a good idea! Steve was the ultimate user, the ultimate test case, now it appears nobody has that job at Apple.

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It also makes you wonder what keyboards people at Apple use? I use an external keyboard at my desk and it has been exhibiting the same problem. I hae been having the problem as well. Name required.

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    Alexander S Borsody says:. June 1, at pm. Michelle says:. May 2, at am. Tn says:. Keyboard not working says:.

    Pages for Mac: Set line spacing in Pages

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    Pedro says:. Thiskeyboardsucks says:. April 19, at am. Zach says:. April 14, at pm. Donna says:. June 25, at pm. March 27, at pm. Page Count : To add a page count, click Insert from the menu bar or the Insert button in your toolbar. Then, select Page Count. There, you can select the formatting for your page numbers. First, add it and then click on it. In the pop-up window, open the Choose Date Format drop-down and select a format.

    By default, the current date will be added, but you can choose a specific date by clicking the Calendar button under Select Date. Toggle this one to on, and choose the template you need in the template chooser. In future new documents will open in that template. Most people choose to set this to a new, blank document.

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    6. This means that when you want to delete a page you also delete the text from that page, but from all the pages that follow. To get around this limitation you need to insert sections into the copy, as explained in this great guide from MacObserver.

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      Use Page breaks in the reverse P item on iOS to help achieve this. Apple publishes three useful guides to help you get more from Pages on Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can access them for free from here:. Do you have any useful tips that may help other people get more out of using Pages on their Mac or iOS device? Please let me know using one of the social media feeds below.

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