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Both capturing and recording back should work properly now. Fixed small bug in "Open File" dialog. Capturing discontinuity detection can be disabled setting the treshold to zero. Changed file separator from ";" to " " in the recording "Source file" field. Video-preview code rewritten - should skip more frames on slower machine.

AVI-joining code cleanup. Record configuration fields renamed to be more comprehensible. File selection dialogs added. Removed forgotten debug information from the executable. Interactive screenshot with detailed description created. Possible deadlock during cancelling of recording and some other race-conditions fixed. Reprogrammed some multithreading code from polling to use of synchronization objects.

Added code preventing screensaver during video transmitting. Capturing from DV device works very reliably. Recording to DV acceptable. Step 5. Step 6.

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Check that it works by going to the receiving computer and open Quicktime Player. Open the Recording tab in the Preferences pane of Quicktime to check that a new video source has been created. Step 7.

The 5$ video mixer – how to do a DV screen cast through Firewire

Things to note: — I have only tested this on Leopard. Let me know if get it working on other versions of Mac OS. This is because DV is a compressed format and so it also takes some CPU resources on both machines — No sound is transmitted although sound is a part of the DV codec. Other uses: — You could also connect a DV camera and record the screen cast if that is of any use to you… — Or you could load up any other Quartz Composer file in QuartzComposerLiveDV and send that instead.

I tried this and not all QC comps work. I am not sure why…. Hey thats great. Well there are workarounds. The FireWire connection is fine. Are you running VirtualDV on both machines? Yes, I have VirtualDV running on both machines. I double- and triple-checked the instructions for the setup, but no joy….

I just tried connecting to a Sony camcorder, and the screen capture started in the QuartzComputerLiveDV window at about 10 fps. However, there was no image on the camcorder screen. This is a very cool trick, thanks for sharing!!! I want to use this application to host my projection setup while recording the show to tape.

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This is awesome! Thanks for the tips. This was exactly what I needed. And free! How have you guys gotten around this?

Capture Analog Video Losslessly Via FireWire !! - VideoHelp Forum

Ben, I am not sure about the error message you posted. What version of the OS are you using?

Do you have any other Quartz Composer Plugins activated? Ok so, lets start. I have installed this in my plugins directory as the instructions state. So far so good! Now, the problem is the second part with Quartzcomposer LiveDV. LiveDV just has its usual blank screen. There is little info on this but apparently, custom plugins are not trusted to run outside Quartzcomposer.

33 programs for "firewire capture dv"

Now, I thought, perhaps the qtz no longer work with Snow Leopard so i created my own using the plugin. Now, within Quartz Composer I get the window just fine. It works ok. But still, no joy in LiveDV.

The firewire connection is simply a physical cable from one firewire port to the other. Thanks for the feedback. I tried the Kineme Core but sadly no joy. I think Snow Leopard is simply too new for there to be an appropriate patch for this. Thanks for your help. I want to connect my desktop to my skype for videoStreaming…. U, yes it should be possible. Try and open one of the sample qtz files eg. You open the file in the Quartz Composer editor, then you can edit to match your screen resolution.

You may need to install the Quartz Composer app first. I do everything you say. And it works. Modul8 receives the input. But thanks for pointing it out so that others can have this info.