Airprint activator for mac 10.6.8

Simply download it, install it and turn AirPrint on. No need to install the application and manually select printers like other solutions.

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Simply run and forget! It will give you visual feedback on which printers are advertised for AirPrint. It will also provide you with a quick option to open the application Preference Pane. If you decide that you no longer want to view the icon in the Menubar simple deselect the option from the Preference pane:. After the installation is completed you may or may not get a screen like the following when turning AirPrint ON:.

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This is an annoying but expected OSX behaviour. OSX is telling you that the handyPrintDaemon helper application that was downloaded via a browser Safari in this example is starting in the background. This should only happen once. Listen to this short video to learn how to obtain and install a license:. Some users have requested we add this feature and we are happy to report that it is now available:. As usual you can grab a copy of the latest version on the main page of AirPrint Activator.

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Prior to installing IOS6 the wireless printer was picked up by both. Now both fail to see the printer s.

How to enable AirPrint on Mac OS X 10.6.5 - Simple, free, fast!

Any ideas …. Apple I Hate you!!!! I just think to get Windows again!! Grabbed 3. Sorry Roy, We no longer support non 64bit platform. Is there a compatible Handyprint version for this OS? I downloaded Airprint Activator yesterday. It works great unless my Mac is asleep. The Mac need to be awake for it to work.

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Your Mac is sharing the printer. I downloaded the version 3.

Activate AirPrint by adding or removing the required files.

In handyprinter i see my shared printer normaly as in the past. I have the same problem that sophiep has. My mac runs What can i do?

Activate AirPrint On OS X 10.6.5 With One Click

I used airprint since first version. Thanks in advance. Not supporting 32 bit Good business move.

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  • Enable AirPrint in Mac OS X 10.6.5.
  • I go in to get my activation code resent. It says that it has been sent but I never get the e-mail with the code in it. Using Lion version II am a newbie to Apple this year so still on the curve but so far great.