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I will make sure she never uses that account except for junk EVER again!! Hacked and blocked and no help from anyone. Credit card abused to the limit and no l help given. Don't even wont to use my computer for anything. I may go back to the written hand — safer! These hackers are scumbags with no quilt! Shame on you — shame!!! My wife's account was hacked the day after I bought her an iPhone for Mother's Day. She's had the account and same password since and this has never happened before. This prevented her from accessing anything on her iPhone.

We were eventually able to get a code and reset the password. We changed the password to something complex and continued to use the account. A couple days ago more spam was sent—hacked again. This time, we got the code and reset the password to something even more complex, but immediately after resetting the password, it took us back to the "your account is blocked" page. NOW what do we do? Just got hacked today. Happened to my hubby today. We called the Hotmail tech number and they said they have to charge him to fix it….

Is this a scam too? He has to get into his mail for biz Today! Boy what a pain. It is better to use email providers that are not so popular like safemail thundermail gmx etc…these big companies are the only one seem to be hacked every now and then. Hotmail or more precisely Microsoft has denied me accessing my account claiming someone else is using my account.

I was asked many questions for verification of my identity. Then it says I have to wait for 5 to 7 days for them to sort things out. Honestly, it takes too long a time. I need to receive emails from others although I can use a different account. He has had this email account for 13 years without any problems. I contacted Microsoft today more than 10 times, getting 10 different answers, none of which helped. I provided my email address for them to respond.

Earlier tonight one of the microsoft reps I spoke with on the phone provided me with a different link for account recovery. I did that. Not sure what to do now? My Dad wants to get his contacts and then cancel his MSN email account. Had problems trying to access my hotmail account on my phone, message kept saying 'cannot connect to server'. Thought it was the phone and never really bothered with it. A few days later tried to access my account via my PC, only then did i realise there was a problem.

Got a message saying 'it looks like someone else might be using your account' I filled out the recovery form as best as i could as i could not remember a lot of the details. The form got bounced back saying they could not verify my details and to resubmit a new form. I did this with some extra details which seemed to be accepted. Was told due to high volumes this could take 5 to 7 days. Still no reply after 4 days of resending the form. Spoke to my sister today and she had the same problem with her hotmail but she was suspicious about filling out the recovery form.

This got me thinking as to whether i did the right thing by filling out the recovery form. After a bit of research i think the form is genuine but all i can do now is wait for a reply from microsoft.. It seems many hotmail accounts have recently been hacked from what i have read and this probably explains the long delay from microsoft to get things fixed. Must admit am getting so sick of technology with passwords and security, knowing what is genuine and what is not genuine, and now with my situation i am the genuine account holder and i have to go through so many hoops just to get my hotmail account back!!!!!!!

It was so much easier in the past without all this tech. Don't blame the luddites all those years ago…. Anyway please microsoft sort it out!!!!!!!! I gotten hacked too, my Windows Live account is connect to my Xbox Live account, and I payed money out of pocket to buy avatar items, DLC and games for my xbox live. I been locked out my account for a whole week, I just dont understand why its taking so long to give me my password recovery. I didn't get the "someone else is using my account" — I just got the "account doesn't exist" even though I had it since the 90's.

Seems a bunch of people have the same problem over the last month and NO response from MS — other than one guy saying to send info in a private reply and then no one gets a response to that. I kept it because it was hard to track down everyone to give them a new email address, but now I'm really screwed. I love the part where MS says "in Win8 you can use that pw to sign on to your Win8" I can just see getting locked out of my pc due to MS crapola. Just been hacked. I can't get MSN hotmail to belive I'm the real account holder as they've changed my password, my secuity question, and the email to forward on the password reset to.

Ridiculous it is that easy for them and there is no number to call and speak to a human. Or at least an email enquiries account that you can explain the problem. Now I just get a message from them saying I've tried to query this with them too many times today so I can't try again for another 24 hours. Will be changing my bank, amazon, paypal etc etc passwords as soon as I get home to my trusty Mac. I wonder if they'll reply if I send 'myself' an email?

After 15 years with hotmail as my primary email account I lost access like so many other folks on this thread. The only MS product I have now is Win Win7 is gone too. Enough of this bs … Now to get a new account they want address.. Yahoo messenger is being hacked as well so beware there too.

Im having problems of my own with hackers changing my security question, password etc. Its becoming a joke, the account has been changed to a spanish recipient. Locked out of alternate computer at work and iPhone … Lap top ok…. How do I fix!!!!! The same thing happened to me and all the recovery information has been changed including mobile phone and recovery e-mail so there's no way to prove it's my account anymore.

And will that maliciousness be attributed to me? You are commenting using your WordPress. To try to avoid your own web-based email getting hacked these are the two most important things you can do:. Here there is a password checker which will give an idea of the strength of your password. Non-Hotmail users try visiting this blog which is a fascinating read.

We all know that the longer the password the better, but just look at this table below, it puts it all beautifully into place illustrating how long a password might take to crack depending on the number and style of the characters used. My own password is now 19 characters long, with characters, numbers and letters. In the light of the recent Hotmail phishing incident one thing it did allow was an analysis of passwords. Visit the Acunetix Web Security site for a list of the Top 20 most popular passwords and a breakdown of the password styles that were uncovered by this hack. This link lists an updated Top 5 for the current best spyware packages.

This is a great link for free anti-virus software. Mashable are reporting 10, Hotmail addresses and passwords compromised last week and a report on the same topic from the BBC. Good article over at lifehacker. Funny list of the most common passwords , displayed on one page over at Flickr via TheNextWeb. Useful online tools for remembering your passwords. The newly revamped Hotmail site seems to have brought a slew of fresh Hotmail hijacks and spamming.

Hotmail have got some help up there, though it took a while to find. Link to Hotmail help regarding latest Hotmail account hijacks and spamming. Hopefully some of you may find it useful. Michael Coates. Thanks for the tip Michael, I can really see that working very well. I like simple and practical solutions, great stuff, thanks for sharing.

My hotmail was just hacked yesterday as well! My password was very strong, and I never open or reply to phishing scam emails. I do need to download some new spyware checkers though. My hotmail account was just hacked as well on 26 June, and it was a message about some Chinese product as well.

Trying to log in to this account failed. Verify that the username and password are correct.

I got a couple of messages from friends querying it and have now just had to send an email to all apologising. I think that Microsoft may be covering up a security problem with hotmail or a internal security leak pissed off employee? Anyway I shall see what they say about this in the next 24 hours ….. As JJ and Sarah have both stated they believed they had strong passwords and good security measures in place but still got hacked.

Bit sad really. My hotmail account was hacked on 26Jun The following message was sent to every contact in my address book — much to their dismay. I have changed my password and notified hotmail security. Dear friends: We are wholesale company which can offer you laptops, digital cameras, videos, GPS,cell phone, mp4, game console and many other electron products. We can offer you both highest quality products and best price. Also we could give you favorable discount if you order more.

All of our products are brand new and original; if you need any help, please contact us. My hotmail account was hacked June 29, What a pain — email sent was to some digital trading site I think. No virus on my laptop or desktop as I was worried about. My account was hacked in the past 24 hours, I have changed the password, and it is a very similar situation. The link is for a chinese website.

My account was just hacked too, sent email to all my contacts linking to some Chinese Scam website. A very friendly corporate E mail telling me the basics and hinting that my PC is the problem?! My name is Mark and I understand that your entire contacts have received a spam email coming from your email account. I understand the importance of keeping your account secured and I am here to provide you information and assistance. The issue that you are experiencing is most likely related to a worm virus specifically targeting messaging applications.

The methods of prevention and removal are similar to previous versions of this virus.

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The worm virus can enter an account and use the account name or forge another e-mail address making it appear that it has indeed come from the said address. It can also create a list of addresses to which it will send mail. Most likely, you received a virus from a forged e-mail address or an address that unknowingly sent a virus to your account. I have researched your account and verified that you are the only person logging into it. For security, we would suggest changing your password and Secret Question and Answer at this time.

A good rule of thumb is to change your passwords regularly. The quick act of changing your password can ensure that your e-mail remains private. In addition, passwords that use both letters and numbers are harder to break. Hotmail passwords are case sensitive, so a combination of upper and lower case letters is also recommended. Updating your anti virus program will not stop the virus instantly.

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The virus activity of generating mail continues until it had already acquired all the addresses in your computer. There is no way to stop the process but upgrading your virus scan makes sure that the virus infection will not repeat. In addition, we suggest you download the latest Microsoft updates. To download the latest updates for your Microsoft software, please visit:. We appreciate your continued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality service available.

Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail. Hotmail account also hacked.

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Had not opened any attachments, am IT savy and am just stumped as to what caused it. E-mail sent was How are u doing these days? Yesterday I found a web of a large trading company. Touch wood my Hotmail has been OK since I changed the password. However, I task I need to do is prune my Address List down AND take a copy of all the ones I wish to keep just in case worst case scenario happens and I get locked out of my own hotmail account after another hack.

Sorry to hear of your problems but thanks for posting. Hi it is such a relief to read these messages, I have also been hit by this Chinese website. I stupidly sent back an angry e-mail to them yesterday — now today I cannot log in to my Hotmail account at all! This is very worrying. I just hope that Microsoft are taking this seriously.

Not only were emails sent to all her contacts but all her contacts were then deleted from the contact list in hotmail. She regularly runs anti-spyware and has Anti-virus. I have had this Chinese solicitation sent to my contacts 3 times now. When I tried to reset my password the secret question was written in Chinese too. Does anybody know?

Was YOUR Hotmail attacked? Microsoft WAS hacked but didn't tell any of the victims

Hi Winchell, if you get in contact with Microsoft Customer Support they should be able to give you back access to your account, once you have verified your details with them. You will then be able to close your account. I am just going through this process now with Microsoft. Good luck! Can someone tell me if they have been back up and running? Maybe you can at least get your access back. Yes, another hitmail account has been hacked, ine was hacked a few weeks ago, i got a string of emails telling me some of the emals couldnt be sent, then when i checked my account the vacation settings were on and the email that was being sent out was in there, it was set to keep on sending this email to all my contacts for the duration of my so called vacation i wasnt on vacation and did not set it up.

I have again changed my password and secret question but i doubt it will prevent them from hacking. I have not clicked any links in emails, i never have and never do. This is ridiculous, i have been a hotmail user for more than 10 years and it is only now that i am being hacked, Microshaft have some serious explaining to do. My hotmail account was hacked … today.

Same here, hotmail account was just hacked into, sent message to all contacts on some Chinese product and then deleted all my contacts. How can I get my contacts back?? I protect my computer from spyware with Invisus. Plus, you can call Tech support during their buz hours and they will help you with a wide range of problems. Plus, I have all of my passwords in a program from MS called OneNote and they are password protected. I think they might have got in through my work computer! My account was hacked today. Sending all my contacts a message about the olympics.

I also have a mac and had not logge into my hotmail account for months! My vacation message was also set with the same spam message. Very annoying! My account has been hacked with this one too.

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Not sure how this happened exactly but am guessing it was through my MSN work. I took a look at the settings in there and found a huge string of Chinese characters in one of the preferences fields. Anyone else notice anything weird like this? Two so called friends of my teen-age daughter hacked into her hotmail account. We changed her password as soon as we found out that she had been hacked, and sent an email out to several of her friends to let them know that her account had been hacked into. Any help would be great.

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Thanks, Maggie. I just got this information posted from Hotmail to my email address. Maybe it will be useful to some? We have a highly qualified and dedicated team that constantly strives to reduce and eradicate spam from Hotmail inboxes. Any e-mail asking for your name, birth date, social security number, e-mail username, e-mail password, or any other type of personal information, no matter who the e-mail appears to be from, is almost certainly a scam. Create a strong password for your Hotmail account by using more than 7 characters and having a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters, like the or symbols.

Learn More. You will be prompted to log in again. Next, help ensure your PC has not been infected with a virus or malware by running a free full-PC scan. Whatever you do, do not reply back to the sender. Can someone help me please i have a huge dilema and i dont know what to do. Long story but here goes. A few nights ago i sent a friend of mine a very long and extremely personal email. It was from my hotmail account to his hotmail account.

An hour later the email i sent him was forwarded from his email account to everyone in his friends list. He is now accusing me of hacking into his account and forwarding the email myself. He says he has friends who know about computers and that he can prove the message i sent him and the forwarded message to his friends both came from my ip address hence i must have done it.

He then said he went into the email that was forwarded from his hotmail account and did the same thigs ie. My query is if someone has hacked into my friends hotmail account and forwarded my message how difficult would it be to make it seem it had come from my computer and my ip address? My friend is saying he can prove it was me but it wasnt and im so upset now.

Not only are we not talking anymore but he is now threatening to take this further and get police etc involved. Someone help me please — i dont know what to do. My hotmail account was hacked into. I have only the small satisfaction of having been able to cancel my subscription in the meantime. My webaddresses were attacked Oct. I upgraded my password thanks to this site. Any ideas on how to get your contacts back?

My hotmail was hacked too and sent an email to ALL my contacts. Now my Messenger and Contacts list have disappeared. A spam has been sent to all the person in my contact list.

Just a few minutes or seconds before that an especially strange email was sent from my hotmail account to a gmail account, but i didnt have the intelligence to note it it was something like but NOT exactly xxxnervff. Which means that someone or something received my account and password and the full list of my contacts a few seconds or minute before spamming begins. I hope that piece of information might help fix the problem.

I now have the exact gmail account, but i do not know if it is correct to post it here. Any ideas? My hotmail account was hacked this morning at 2. I have changed my password now. Ive been using the internet since AOL was charging users per minute to be online and ive seen some really sneaky things. Ive seen favorites replaced with clone sites and ive almost fallen for a few of the phishing e-mails but then realized they shouldnt ask for my SS and then stopped everything. Keyloggers i think can be small and hidden in small files that could load when you go to a site and as you wait for the page to load its actualy installing somthing.

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Malware and spam worm in there so how could they not worm in other small files? Most of us now use high speed internet so files can get in with a blink of an eye. THey can log keystrokes and then send them to themself stealing passwords but can they log mouse strokes? So what if you hide passwords deep in files somewhere on your machine then just copy and paste them into the password window, its all encrypeted as little dots so shouldnt that be fairly safe? I now no longer save any favorites to anything that i use money or credit cards or anything like e-bay and paypal. I came here to see if anyone else had my problem.

I see I am not alone with a couple of exceptions. First, all of my contacts were deleted! I was going to delete them anyway but when I opened contacts it was empty. I use this hotmail account for junk all hotmail is good for anyway for when I am required to enter an e-mail for some coupon or game entry etc. My Hotmail-account was hacked on febr 6th All my contacts were spammed about some cheap Chinese electronics website and then deleted and I also suddenly had an out of office message with the spam message in the reply field.

It wasnt about some chinese thing. I just contacted windows live ID for help.. Hey I have exactly the same problem!! Same happened to me today as well. Changed out-of-office message, sent spam for a website I dont know and dint click on to find what the hell it was, deleted all contacts. I changed the password, but am sceptical about using it going forward…what are others doing? Just happened to me at 6PM this evening. Everyone in my contact list was emailed twice with this found in my sent mail :.

The quality of product is had better, the service is perfect, and price is had better, the speed of the deliver is very fast. There are own warehouse and store, there is customer in the whole world, receive customer very high praise. Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MSn: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wish we cooperation delectation! The same thing just happened to me. Now the company is under sales promotion,all the products are sold nearly at its cost. They provide the best service to customers,they provide you with original products of good quality,and what is more,the price is a surprising happiness to you!

It is realy a good chance for shopping. Ok, I too am a victim of this. One moment it was working, then next, it would not. Although no one received an email yet, that can only be next. This was not a keylogger. This is a systematic attack on the login itself. Because a program guesses a password over and over, it is best if you change your password often.

You are lucky. My contact list has gone…. Can I expect all those contacts of mine who have been contacted through this sight to contact me? Or does it block them? Hello its happened to me yesterday but i think they went thru my facebook coz they changed my password on hotmail account then on facebook i cudnt get in and now later today they have deleted my facebook profile so beware if u have facebook coz its not a nice thing. I have used hotmail since and boy wen u enter an alternative address u dont think 8 yrs on its goin to come in handy!!!

This happened to me saying it was froma website in China. All my contact received the spam and I felt so responsible. My contacts were wipd and all my recent inbox and sent mail. My automatic reply was on, something I never use and the email was in the reply! I guess changing passwords often is the answer and using strong ones. It was from a company in China, who emailed all 55 of my contacts from me when I was actually on a night out and nowhere near my laptop.

My hotmail account got hacked a couple days ago. I changed the password, security question and deleted all my contacts. My password is strong. It looks like I will have to close the e-mail account. Is there anything else that can be done? Hi, I loged in my hotmail account on 19th of this month but i tried to login todays. I even cant login to my hotmail and now the instruction is sent to my hotmail account. Please any solution for it?

My account arkambekar hotmail. I had a secure password. Tonight I opened my hotmail account for the first time in ages, and the attack began about 1 hour afterwards, according to the time the mails were sent. Just had this happen to me and after reading it I am wondering just how perverse the chinese mind must be if they think that this kind of activity will gain them any trade or other benefit?

For the first time EVER! As a result, you may receive phishing emails or other spam mails. You should be careful when receiving any e-mails from any misleading domain name, any e-mail that requests personal information or payment, or any unsolicited request from an untrusted source. It is important to note that your email login credentials were not directly impacted by this incident.

However, out of caution, you should reset your password for your account. Details of the breach are still unclear, including how many users were affected. If you were affected by this Outlook.