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I'm not seeing that on the site even after I sign in. I have a uPro, have just the one complimentary pro mode course on it and around 20 basic mode. Muse wrote:. Feb 28, Adams LS 8. All riding on a blue Clicgear 3. Just called Cally. The answer to my assumption of downloading Pro mode courses is no. You have to call and get it activated.

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I just did. Was also told that a good rule of thumb is to do 4 things at a time. For example, I've got 48 courses on my device. I'll have to delete 4, synch, unplug, connect and add 4, synch, unplug, connect, delete 4, etc.

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Feb 28, edited Feb 28, I don't know about the 4 course thing. As my post from yesterday said, they sent me the instructions probably the same as posted here recently. I had them reactivate my account yesterday and this morning I synced -- what a PITA, I couldn't do it from one laptop, using XP, and went to my Win7 laptop and synced right away, running autorun. Once synced I downloaded the limit of courses it would allow me, which I suppose is This included around 20 pro mode, the rest basic.

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I did this in one sync. After the downloads completed and the utility informed me that the downloads were complete, I look in my uPro shut down and restarted and see the courses, but at the end it says there was an error, evidently with one of the downloads. I don't know why it errored. It seems as though there was an error downloading one of the courses.

The others work, I think. Now an interesting thing here: I had around 20 Basic Mode courses already on the uPro. Why would they have both enabled if this wasn't a good idea. The result was that two folders exist for each course in the course data folder on the uPro. One is for BM the other PM.

Therefore the BM folder is evidently not needed. I talked to a support guy there Derick who seems to know more about this than most of the folks there and he agrees that the BM folder isn't needed if the PM folder is there. I just deleted all the BM folders for courses that have PM folders. You can tell it's the same course because the folder names are almost idenical If you paste in there it doesn't find a course!

Yes, that's a little screwy but no show stopper for me. I'm keeping data that corresponds the names of the Pro Mode folders with the course names, so I can shuffle them as needed from my hard drives to the uPro going forward. Of course, after New Years , the data will be unavailable except maybe in an underground kind of way. The CSR I talked to a few minutes ago said the Mx has much different software, I don't know if the course data will work across both devices. I know this is long, but point I want to make here is that if you have the pro downloaded, you don't need the basic.

Don't download both pro and basic, just download the pro. Doing both just makes a messy situation significantly more messy. The pro contains the basic. Post edited by Unknown User on Feb 28, Kace Members Posts: 7. Here's what I see Kace wrote:. Feb 28, edited Mar 1, Try calling support. Ask if Derek is there, he seems pretty up on it. I had a funny thing going on with mine this afternoon. When I looked in my courses on my uPro the last one said this: - - Error Course data at Course data error!

File not found. I figured it out, it was a folder that had only one subfolder and it appeared to be empty. I tried to delete it and wasn't able to do so, I got a Windows error: The folder is not empty. It was a real head scratcher.

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I went so far as to open the uPro, remove the microSD card, put it in an adapter and attach it to a card reader on my desktop, still couldn't delete the folder, got the same error message, not empty. Funny thing is I deleted a bunch of folders previously that had things in them, all folders for Basic Mode downloads. Like I said, as long as you have a Pro Mode folder for a course, having a Basic Mode folder is redundant and just counts against the 50 course limitation.

If you have downloaded both the Pro Mode and Basic Mode versions for a course you will have two listings when you go to Play Golf to choose from They could have designed this better. Now everything works fine. Not that that error on the uPro's LCD would have caused problems, probably not, but I prefer not to have that in my face as I'm about to play a round! Like the support document says, once the website shuts down you can change the names of the folders from their cryptic numerical names to the course names and the uPro will work fine I'm going to test this when the time comes before I believe it, of course.

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Post edited by Unknown User on Mar 1, Mar 1, Mar 2, Andy L wrote:. Saluki91 wrote:. I thought the fact that Callaway had purchased them was nothing but a plus.

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That was a swing and a miss Haven't even owned it a year! Not sure where I will go next. I won't pay a subscription fee, and refuse to bring my phone on the golf course silly perhaps, but I feel pretty strongly about that. Has anyone tried using a bigger microSD card in their uPro? Mar 2, edited Mar 2, The course downloads are indeed incredibly slow. Just guessing I'd say that downloading 5 courses would take about an hour. That's less than MB data.

I have done some experimenting and determined some important things: 1. There's nothing at the website that keeps track of the courses you've downloaded. They get that from what is seen on your uPro when you sync. You can move courses from your uPro onto your storage devices to make room for more courses there's a 50 course limit imposed at the site. I believe that you can actually have more than 50 courses on the device, but when you sync you can't add courses beyond You need to keep the names of the directories as they are or when you sync the site will delete them.

Lastly, we experienced an inability to lock onto satellites on a number of different occasions. When this occurred it was always fixed by restarting the device though would sometimes take several restarts. Hazard distance information can be difficult to decipher without the hole view — with only generic graphic images you may be left wondering which bunker is represented within the Hazard view, for example.

Suggestion Box: We would prefer if GoMode was accessible through the Hazard soft key in addition to the side Mode button. The Bad: The uPro Go does not have a scorecard or any statistics functionality.

Device Accuracy: Our test of device accuracy found the uPro Go to be within a reasonable margin of error of five yards. Mapping Accuracy: Throughout our rounds we saw no problems with mapping distance accuracy. Unfortunately, we were extremely disappointed to find that a large number of GoMode images, while offering accurate distances to green points and surrounding bunkers and water features, had serious image errors see images at right.

These errors appeared to be limited to holes with water within the green view, and included water hazards seemingly running under greens and non-existent isthmuses extending from the bank of water hazards.

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No per-course fees or yearly fees keep the Go one of the most affordable devices over time. Depending on your needs, this device could absolutely be on your short list. Callaway uPro Go. Click for device images.