Mac kernel panic type 14 page fault

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Random Kernel panic type 14=page fault HELP!!?

AppleThunderboltNHI 4. IOThunderboltFamily 6. AppleEFIRuntime 2. AppleMatch 1. DiskImages Thanks for the note, and apologies that you've had this bad experience. There was another, similar report here.

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  • Both reports have only a couple of things in common, namely using Parallels and the version of the kernel. We've not been able to reproduce this in our testing lab though. Would you mind running the SDU and sending us the logs?

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    You can find info about running the SDU here:. Also if there is anything that might be unique about your installation that might explain how to reproduce it, we'd be happy to hear it! As of this morning there are 75K people using this version, so this is certainly a pretty rare event and we'd really like to figure it out. I have had two episodes of kernel panic on my older iMac but not on a newer one or on my old MacBook since I installed the free version 8.

    Not running Parallels; don't know what kernel version is - or what kernel panic means, for that matter, other than bad news! I ran the SDU - should I send it to someone? Installed 8. Running I ran the diag tool and will send something into support referencing this thread sicne I don't have a tech support reference number.

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    B0F, 2 processors, Intel Core i7, 2. Tried with 8. No Parallels here.. I sent the diagnostic information as requested but I got a replay asking me for a contract, in any case it's been an interesting expireiment but I just went and purchased Mcafee to give myself something.

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    I am also experiencing random kernel panics 4 in the past 10 days -- both with 8. I do not have Parallels installed but do have Virtual Box and VMWare Fusion installed -- however neither were running at the time of the last kernel panic. All devices are on OS By "up the chain" -- I mean to Sophos we license the non-free version of this here Sophos engineers have copies of my logs, etc.

    I'm also experiencing kernel panics with version 8. When this option is disabled, everything is fine. Looking back at the last release of version 3 3. For some reason, that option had always been disabled, and as soon as I enabled it, the kennel panics started. I do not have, and never had, Parallels installed. I'm having the same issue. This morning I uninstalled Sophos with hopes to re-install at a later date.

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    Here is the Kernel panic from yesterday:. R 0xfffffffbba0, R 0x, R 0xffffffeec, R 0xffffffbb9b0. Hey guys, thanks for all the kernel panic dumps. Through analysis of that information we've identified the root cause. Its the same issue for everyone that has reported their kernel panic so far, and related to how many simultaneous scans can be going not related to virtualization directly, but that may be a contributing factor.

    We will be fixing it in 8. Apologies its going to take so long but we need the extra time to make sure we haven't broken anything else its in a tricky piece of code. Does this mean you will be disabling the automatic updating from 7. That's great news! Looking forward to re-installing your app soon. As a programmer I understand how complexity can cause the need for extra testing steps to ensure all is well.

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    Free Tools. Blog Members Knowledge Base Cancel. This group requires membership for participation - click to join. Thread Info. Have a cool product idea or improvement? Kernel Panic with ver. B02 SMC Version system : 1. KirguduDriver 1. AppleBluetoothMultitouch AppleHWSensor 1. AudioAUUC 1. IOUserEthernet 1. AGPM AppleHDA 2. AppleUpstreamUserClient 3. ATIFramebuffer 7.