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Since version 1 is free, the installation procedure is simple and straightforward, without the hassle of entering any serial number or product key. The first thing you will see is the Edge Animate splash screen Figure 1. Like most Adobe Welcome screens, this window gives you access to standard commands, a list of recently created files, in app tutorials and other resources to help you learn and get the most from the program. This command creates a new Edge Animate document that focuses around the main workspace panel called the Stage Figure 2.

The size of the Stage is set by default and can be altered to meet the requirements of your project.

You should see the current dimensions of the Stage on the left side of the program in the Properties panel. Whenever you want to access these specifications, just deselect all elements, and click anywhere on the Stage itself.

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Edge Animate provides three drawing tools: Rectangle, Rounded-rectangle, and Ellipse. Select the Ellipse tool, and draw a circle approximately one inch in diameter in the upper left corner of the Stage.

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Hold the Shift key as you draw to force the ellipse to be a perfect circle Figure 4. A circle appears on the Stage. If this is the first time you have used the drawing tools, the object should appear in a neutral gray color. Otherwise, Edge Animate may use the last color selected.

The program enables you to change their size, position, color, and even shape, and then manipulate these specifications in real time to produce both animation and interactivity for your web applications. To move the circle across the Stage, we first have to establish its starting position.

A keyframe for Left X-axis is added to the Timeline at zero Before you do anything else, make sure the Auto-Keyframe and Auto-Transition modes are enabled in the area between the timeline and the Stage Figure 6.

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Move the playhead to Then drag the ellipse to the right side of the Stage, holding the Shift key as you drag it to enforce a horizontal-only movement Figure 7. A transition appears on the Timeline for Left. You can delete any extraneous keyframes by clicking on them and pressing the Delete key. You can preview most simple animations within Edge Animate itself by simply pressing the spacebar.

The animation will play, moving the circle across the Stage from left to right. Depending on the needs of your animation, you can select the method that works best in each situation.

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Along with movement, you can also alter the formatting of elements. If you can set an element property, you can animate it. If necessary, select the circle on the Stage, and then move the playhead back to Thanks to the in-app lessons you can easily learn how to use all the tools provided by Adobe Edge Animate. The timeline makes it easy for you to compose, view and edit the structure of the animation, to which you can add complex easing transitions.

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In addition, you can insert various graphic elements such as filters and blurs. By accessing the Timeline menu, you can control the playback, zoom in or out, fit the image, insert labels and triggers, as well as multiple keyframes with which you can add filters, change the background color, scale the image and more.

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From the Modify menu, you have the option to relocate and align the currently selected layer, group or ungroup elements, edit and convert symbols. The Window menu enables you to display or hide the Timeline, Elements, Library, Tools, Properties, Code and the Lessons panels with just a click of a mouse button. On top of that, Adobe Edge Animate allows you to modify and personalize the workspace and create multiple presets based on the type of projects you need to work on.