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Either way, knowing how to move your Windows data manually is a good idea. If you have an external hard drive that connects to your PC using a USB interface , you can use it as the destination for copying all of the desired documents, music, videos, and other data from your PC.

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Once you have copied your files to the external hard drive, disconnect the drive, move it to the Mac, and plug it in using the Mac's USB port. Once you power it on, the external hard drive will show up on the Mac Desktop or in a Finder window. You can then drag-and-drop the files from the drive to the Mac. You can substitute a USB flash drive for the external hard drive, provided the flash drive is large enough to hold all your data.

If both your PC and your new Mac connect to the same local network, you can use the network to mount your PC's drive on your Mac's Desktop, and then drag-and-drop the files from one machine to the other.

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Just install the Mac version of the cloud service, or in the case of iCloud, installing the Windows version of iCloud on your PC. Once you've installed the appropriate cloud service, you can download the documents to your Mac just as you've been doing with your PC. However, one item just about everyone worries about is getting their email transferred to a new computer. If you use a web-based mail system, you should be able to launch the Safari browser and connect to your existing mail system. If you haven't gotten used to Safari yet, don't forget you can also use Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, or the Opera browser in place of Safari.

Problem with Copy/Paste files onto USB flash drive on Mac , how to fix

You can always try setting up your email accounts and seeing if your email messages are available before you worry about transferring them to your new Mac. The instructions were perfect and worked the first time. Thank you! CD Chris Davey Dec 16, It is also good. Many thanks. You seem to be able to explain things in a simple language.

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TL Terrie Lancoour Aug 20, I've looked at other sites and the instructions weren't very clear. After reading this article, I feel more confident on going ahead. Rated this article:.

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VS Vergie S. Aug 9, This article broke it down for me. My son gets sick of "explaining" how it's done. Well, now I got it! Wish everything was this easy. A Anonymous Jul 4, The best I have ever seen, plus included details on what the keys looked like and where they are located.

Moving Data Between Two Systems Using an External Hard Drive (for MacOS)

SB Steve B. Aug 20, I was able to follow the instructions and successfully accomplish the task of backing-up my desktop files. PJ Pat J. Nov 12, Found this and my computer was backed up in no time. Thank you. A Anonymous Dec 16, A Anonymous Nov 23, A Anonymous Jan 16, Great to get advice regarding backup. A Anonymous May 21, Thank you very much. ML Michael L.

How to Remove Read Only on Mac External Hard Drive without Formatting

Jul 18, Easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that was exact. A Anonymous Jul 9, BS Barbara Still Aug 9, You will be redirected to the following screen. If you want to check your NTFS volumes or restore, you can make use of the terminal application and the ntfsfix command. It helped me to solve this problem easily. Try it, and you will definitely love this tool. Its free.

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It kept on reopening the notification that i should quit system preference and reopen. So i just plugged my hard drive to test it. Now it is not even able to access to it. And when i uninstalled the two programs it still says the same thing. You should do that.

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That is a very important step. The developers are still working on it. If you want the transfer very badly you need to just format the hard drive with the Mac MS-DOS format which works on both windows and mac. Thanks for another magnificent post.