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The Great Villain of Dragon Age Origins: Loghain Mac Tir

It's a pretty interesting RPG. I adore this. Oghren is incorrigible and your zev is spot on. I liked the clever use of the white rose -- it's especially interesting and apropos given the history of the War of The Roses.

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And seriously, an apology for being late? I guess that means I should grovel at your feet offering up a white rose to you. OK, I am still working on my trade. I am not worthy, I am not worthy Ha yes, that's true about the white flag poor Loghain, he deserves more love. From the fans, I mean, it's hard to say that you love the character without having a crowd of haters screaming "he's a monster! He's that kind of character that everyone has mixed feelings over - yes he is a character who can be respected for trying to protect his home and people, but at the same time he DID betray his king and left him to die It's very complicated.

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We can also see what he did at Ostagar as a tactical retreat, and I think it was. They were outnumbered, he thought that all his men would die if he let them fight, so he did retreat. He told Cailan that this battle was not a good idea, but Cailan didn't want to listen to him, so he disgraced himself and threw away his reputation to save his men, it can be seen like this at least that's his point of view and we can choose to believe him or not.

That, I can understand. Selling elves, etc, is more questionable I think. Of course selling elves was more questionable What's to say he wasn't gonna start selling other people off after he sold all the elves? It was not to earn money for himself but for keeping the armies fed and in shape, but still. And he says the life of the elves in the alienage was miserable anyway ok, that's true, but that's still a bad thing to sell them. Buuuut we can give him a second chance, he can sacrifice himself against the Blight or do good actions if he spare his life, and it's still better than just killing him I think.

I nearly died laughing when Zevran and Oghren showed up!

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Pure gold! Prev Next. That was the only way he could describe her. On the battlefield, in the silence of the camp, and here before him This was what was left of the Battle at Ostagar. Loghain focused on Rowan again View Gallery. I hear you have an invitation for me. Cicero's Listener The Dread Father would laugh and dance with him before loyal Cicero would let that sly, honey-worded thief take his Listener away from him.

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  • He had honestly liked him at first meeting. Sweet Listener had taken him to Riften, the home of cutthroats and thieves. She had mentioned that the reason behind their visit was a mix of business in pleasure. Listener was the Guildmaster to the thieves, so Cicero understood that she had to talk to Byrnjolf.

    He ran things while she was gone.

    Codex entry: Loghain Mac Tir (Inquisition)

    Humble, loyal Cicero knew that he was Dark Brotherhood, and not Thieves Guild, so he agreed to leave the two alone to talk Thieves Guild business. Cicero was even agreeable to the fact that Byrnjolf and Listener were friends and had to catch up when it came to their personal lives. But they weren't lovers. So Cicero didn't know why it was so necessary for Byrnjolf to silently demand that he be closer to her. At dinner, he sat next to her in Listener's little Honeyside home.

    Cicero sat across them from, giving sil. Gifts and Friends by Zikka. View More. More from DeviantArt. Loghain-Union Show all 1. Submitted on August 28, Link. Views Favourites 8 who? In a comple. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Not even close. Loghain is there because you need an antagonist that you can actualy understand.

    The archdemon and blight is a force of nature, you never interact with it, they needed someone who could oppose you, and that's his role he's not even the most evil person in his party, Howe is presented as a much worse person. Now, Cory. He's got a ton of issues, but I will continue to argue that the series needed an out-and-out "Muhahaha Destroy the World!

    We've gone two games, and Awakening, and there's never been a real, clearcut villain. It works for the depth of characters ike Loghain, Architect, Mother, and Meredith, but this game needed a truly evil saturday morning cartoon villain for 2 reasons: 1. Because the game was clearly trying to appeal to a wider audience than Origins or DA2, they needed to start with the slate, relatively, clean. If you're going to play the hero on a larger scale, the evil has to be one that has no upside Loghain was right, just shortsighted, Meredith was crazy and corrupted but not entirely wrong.

    Talking to Loghain - Dragon Age: Origins

    And this one's more important. Because the religious aspect of th Inquisition, you needed a villain evil enough to unite the world under an organization that already may leave a bad taste in various group's mouths and player's even before anything else is started.

    So, who's a better antagonist? Loghain written better, Cory, or something like him, was needed for this game, and he's far more evil. Cory's only real failing as a villain is that he needed more scenes to show up winning a battle or two he's against Inky and that his plan fell apart at the start and gets worse after Haven.

    I consider Samson to actually be the best antagonist in the series. I always like Samson's character and he nails it out of the park in his 2 scenes in this game. User Info: Shinagawakun. NextGenCowboy posted Really well written. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?