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It has no physical buttons and scroll wheel but all actions that you can do with a normal mouse can be made with this mouse and this experience is a little strange at first, but nothing that you cannot get used.

Magic Mouse

All you have to do to make this mouse work is to download a free driver and execute a basic installation. Make sure that before you install this driver you have uninstalled any other software of this kind. The Apple wireless keyboard is very different from a PC keyboard. The tactile feel of a solid mechanical device is missing on the first, so, if you are a PC user and prefer a simple and streamlined look, the Apple keyboard might be perfect for you.

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Before installation, make sure that you keyboard has a fully charged set of AA battery because you will need to use the keyboard during this process. Please make sure your device is discoverable or device no longer listening errors. There is nothing to worry about, because they are due to the fact that you have not pressed enough the power button of the keyboard or a driver issue that can be solved by updating the drivers. After have you solved the problem, try one more time to connect the keyboard.

Magic Mouse Driver Download & Install for Windows

If you still cannot connect it, we recommend you to present your problem to the Apple Support Service. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any ideas? Hey, scratch that last comment I wrote. In which step of the process? Yes now it work perfect thank yo very much!!!!!

Scroll work just fine but not thtwo-finger swipe or screen zoom is that normal?? It works! After 7 days of no sleep, trying to figure out the scrolling, you app works! Zoom also. How much do I owe you………………………….. This is awesome!!! Thanks sooo much for this! I was able to rip the 3. I was using older Magic Mouse drivers I found on the internet somewhere and It lagged every 6 minutes or so! Worked like a charm! George, the way you show us how to enable this device is clear and so simple to do. I followed it step by step and it works! My mouse now works great without any problem.

Thanks again. I use Windows 7. Great tutorial, this actually works ok left and right click work and mouse moves with Windows 7 bit Ultimate as a base OS on normal Lenovo laptop. It installs the drivers fine. Are you sure you downloaded the bit version of Bootcamp?

Apple Magic Mouse Troubleshooting Guide for Mac & PC (8 Issues)

Please try downloading Bootcamp 3. I did exactly the same things in the instructions, but it is still listed as HID-compliant mouse. Therefore it does not scroll. My system is Toshiba L with Windows 7 64 bit i downloaded 64 bit package but yet it still does not scroll. Hope someone can write a good explanation about how to solve this issue. It seems that this way does not work. Try downloading Bootcamp again, from the link I posted in my previous comment to Jeremy and do the whole process again.

Thanks George! I actually downloaded from Apple but noticed I got 3. Thanks for the write up George. Any ideea for windows xp? Ive tried this driver posted here but scroll dosent work, only right and left button. Could you please try downloading Boot Camp again from the following location and follow the instruction again from the beginning? After that restart your computer, unrar the contents of the archive I posted earlier to a temporary folder, and follow the instructions again starting from step 7.

Any ideea to remove autoinstall of the old driver? If it works on another computer fine, then somethings wrong with your current setup.

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Mine is not working on Windows 7. Can do everything but scroll. Trackpad only left-clicks, while the magic mouse magically still left and right clicks. I get a error code when I try to install 3. The mouse looks sexy enough, and it WAS working on my Bootcamp Windows 7 for a while, but not anymore. Still works when I boot into Mac. Very fed-up with this. I use my Magic Mouse with Windows 7 x64, and scrolling works perfectly. I can not find the drive the option to update drivers …..

How to install apple magic mouse 2 for windows 10

You are a good man! I tried for many hours to find a good way to make this mouse to work. All in all I am very happ that I stumble apon this page. Thanks again! Like you George, I got the mouse for free from a friend. I would have never purchased it. MS mice are more usable for anyone with larger hands. It is pretty though. Our hardware, our software. Hi, First of all, thank you for showing us the steps by step on how to make magic mouse to work on PCs!! Can you please tell me what to do? You only need to download the appropriate package 32 or 64 bit depending on your Windows version and extract the files, so that you can locate and install the drivers for the Magic Mouse.

So I would suggest you just go through the instructions again from step 1, complete them and then see if your Magic Mouse works correctly. I just needed to use Binary. Then I installed the driver, and the function key finally worked! Everything works great. But then when my PC goes to sleep and comes back on the magic mouse is no longer connected and I have to plug in a usb mouse to add bluetooth device etc all over again apple wireless keyboard is fine however … which kinda defeats the object.

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Is that possible at all? Download the latest boot camp support sw from Apple. You should have your scrolling working for the Apple magic mouse. This driver will get your Apple mouse to work on non Apple computers. Tis driver is what we need, works flawlessly now using it on my Surface Pro Dear All Windows 10 Users,.

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