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The Sims 4 for Mac is a digital-only release. The installation discs in all packaged editions of The Sims 4 are not Mac compatible, but players who buy a packaged PC-only version can still redeem the code in the box to access the Mac version through Origin.

How to Dual Boot With Boot Camp

Get your copy on origin. If you need more help, you can review our Origin FAQ and our disc installation article. All you need to do is copy the saves directory from one computer to another using a USB drive or any other portable storage device.

You may need to do some tweaking to get games working properly, and they may break after Wine updates. Games are becoming more cross-platform all the time.

Native Mac Gaming

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This method provides the added benefit of creating a backup of your data. Using these forms of portable media is an excellent way to transfer any amount of data. A server on a network that can be accessed by both your old PC and your new Mac is an excellent alternative to burning CDs, or moving portable drives from one computer to another. Be aware that both computers must be able to access the server. For small amounts of data such as word processing documents, pictures, or small application data files, using email to send them to yourself as an attachment is another option.

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However, if the data files are large, or if you do not have a high-speed Internet connection, you should consider other methods before using this one. See How to transfer downloaded emails.

If you have both computers in the same location, you may be able to use an Ethernet cable to connect both computers together and copy files between them. You may need an Ethernet crossover cable depending on which model Mac you own. This method has the advantage of being fast and being able to transfer any amount of data.