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Before we go any further here, we must issue a standard disclaimer: It's generally illegal to own ROMs of a given arcade machine, cartridge, or CD-ROM unless you own the actual item in question. In reality, though, it's a gray area—especially for titles that aren't available by any other means. We can't link directly to any ROM sites here, but they're pretty easy to find. OpenEmu will search the web for box art, but if it can't find any, use Google Image Search to locate your own.

GameBoy and GameBoyAdvance emulator

Download it to your desktop, then drag the art over to the multicolor-banded image above the ROM, and the new image will replace it. Don't feel like messing with ROMs? OpenEmu actually includes a decent number of custom-built games, each made to look and feel like a classic console installment. Open the program's main menu and select the Homebrew tab to view the list of games available.

This is all well and good, but why play these great games using your Mac's keyboard, when you can do it the right way with the proper controllers? Xbox One controllers are compatible through a downloadable driver.

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From there, you'll see a wood background image with a drop-down menu for choosing systems. Choose a system, and you'll see the console's controls with a matching stock controller image on the left.

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Now click in each field and match the action with the corresponding button on your controller. This will ensure your controller is properly mapped to the controls of the game, no matter what system the game is for. If you don't have a compatible first-party controller, there are plenty of third-party, USB-compatible models you can get online for a small price. We were able to test a few, and reccommend the controllers below. These options worked with my MacBook Pro on the first try in each case, with no extra drivers needed; all I had to do is set each one up within OpenEmu.

It looks and feels great—maybe lighter than the original, but otherwise identical, and button feel is fine. I played several rounds of Super Mario Bros. All of them were dead-on. Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad : This controller looks just like the stock Super Nintendo controller from except for two additional buttons, labeled Turbo and Clear, which you won't need for most games. Verdict: It's not quite as tight as a brand new Nintendo-brand SNES controller, but it's much better than a worn-out one, and certainly better than the one sitting in your closet with the broken L button.

Logitech Gamepad F : Similar to what you'd find on a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3, this model is also good for emulating the original PlayStation with the dual analog sticks added.

It's a little lightweight, but it's accurate enough; you won't wish for a different model with this one. It has two joysticks—which you'll need for proper Robotron: , Space Dungeon, and Smash TV play—as well as a center-mounted trackball that's excellent for Centipede, and does a fine job as a stand-in for the larger Missile Command trackball seen on those machines.

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To get playing, first choose a console from the left side of OpenEmu, then double-click on the box art of your game of choice. You'll find that within OpenEmu's standard emulators, replication accuracy is superb. I hit one major snag during my emulator adventure: getting original Sony PlayStation games to work. This required a special ROM download in my tests, but with some fiddling, I figured it out.

You need to download and drag over several BIOS files, including scph OpenEmu is aware that several consoles require additional files to make work, so the program is able to identify what you need. One other thing you'll want to do is add scan lines. You're going to want some kind of screen emulation that makes the game look like it's being displayed on a cathode-ray tube with reduced resolution. Otherwise, it's screamingly obvious on a p monitor how low-res all of these games were. I like this one, but there are numerous other options in the submenu you may find more accurate or visually pleasing.

Besides running your games through OpenEmu, the program also offers a few additional features. If you're done playing for the day, save your progress on the Save States page. OpenEmu can even auto-save for you. And of course it supports running Nintendo DS homebrew. Pokemon Black Fix. Pokemon White and Black version requires an action replay code to get passed the freezes.

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Pokemon emulator download games and play on Android and iOS devices. The Nintendo DS is a cool gadget. It can play games, take and view photos, surf the Internet and many other features that come in this small package. The commercial Nintendo games are the best there is. The Nintendo DS is also famous for its innovative touch screen games; it revolutionized gaming and fun.

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But if and only for playing games, why not bring the Nintendo DS to the computer? The idea of emulating gaming platforms is not new. In late , the prototype of future NDS emulator was released. Of course, subsequent developments of the program were undertaken.

Here is a list of Nintendo DS emulators available; they can be downloaded from the Internet. Dualis, the second emulator released in , is plugin-based for the Windows OS. The output is in AVI file. However, the Dualis could not run dumps of Nintendo DS cartridges.