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If you are tethered to an iPhone then it will count the usage while tethered. At the moment local network traffic is not ignored so Time Capsule backups are counted. A future version will be smarter and ignore Time Capsule data. Been having problem with my data usage. Just bought a new lap top and had not turned off auto update for apps.

Watch Network Traffic in Mac OS X via Command Line with nettop

This used up all of my data in the first day of billing cycle. How all I have to do is look up at the task bar to see how much data each machine is using, real time monitoring. You will have to combine the usage from all your devices. For me a God send, no more fighting with the phone company.

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If I could I would give it 10 Stars. Allen supplements Casper with many sysadmin tools and utilities, some of which have been in his arsenal for years. Here are 14 of his favorites.

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Mactracker is freeware that keeps track of technical information about every Apple Macintosh computer ever made. Among the technical specifications it tracks are: processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphic cards, supported Mac OS versions, and expansion options. I've got the full capabilities of that machine — of every single machine that ever came out — at my fingertips, and that for me is huge," Allen said at JAMF Software's user conference.

Designed to diagnose and help troubleshoot connectivity and performance issues, it can identify channel conflicts, signal overlapping and configuration problems. I use it everywhere I go," Allen said. The program is written and maintained by Anton Keks. For guys who use Casper on a regular basis and have to build out images, you'll understand where this is coming from," Allen said.

DeployStudio is free imaging software for OS X. It provides customizable tools for automating application installs and post-configuration tasks for large deployments of workstations, servers and cluster nodes. It's something that I encourage the new guys to play with.

Free Way to Monitor Your Mac's Network Activity - Tekzilla Daily Tip

Go explore it. It's another tool in the arsenal. I've just been using it forever," Allen said. You take your installer, and you drop it in, and it builds an installer package," Allen said. Winclone is a tool from Twocanoes Software that creates a clone of the Windows Boot Camp partition for recovery or migration to another Mac.

How to Monitor Network Connections on Your Mac

It is literally as simple as one, two, three, four," Allen said. Automator for OS X is a scripting app from Apple that lets users define simple actions, through a point-and-click process, and then bundle them into workflows to automate repetitive and tedious tasks. It does all the fuzzy logic behind the scenes, and it will give you the result that you need," Allen said. The packages create local user accounts when installed, and they are compatible with workflows that can install standard installer packages. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Specific emphasis placed on real-world and specialized analysis techniques including suspicious data traffic reconstruction and viewing.

Successful completion of this course will provide a pathway into the field of both Network and Security Analysis. This course is designed for Wireless Network Engineers and Ethernet Network Engineers who possess a basic-to-intermediate general networking knowledge and desire to add wireless capabilities to an existing network. Key areas of study include: Wireless network analysis fundamentals using Wireshark and other open-source wireless network analysis tools to analyze traffic patterns associated with wireless network behavior.


Recognition of a variety of issues that affect WiFi-based networks and the quality of the data. Factors including, latency, out-of-sequence packets, packet loss, retransmissions and how they affect the end-user will be analyzed. Examination of critical wireless-related protocols including Data, Management and Control, and related supporting protocol architectures. Wireless-focused network security principles including encryption technologies and defensive configurations of infrastructure devices. Advanced wireless network analysis techniques including wireless data traffic reconstruction and viewing.

Specialized wireless-based investigative techniques for the Internet of Things IoT - enabled devices. Successful completion of this course will provide a skill-set and pathway into the field of Network, Wireless Analysis and WiFi Network Security. This course is designed for Networking and Security personnel that need to develop a set of focused packet investigation techniques through study of the Cloud and IoT networking protocols using Wireshark and other open-source analysis tools.

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Key areas of study include: Specialized and advanced packet capture, including data traffic reconstruction and viewing techniques. Emphasis on real-world analysis techniques. Successful completion of this course will provide a pathway into the field of both Network and Forensics Analysis. SharkFest features presentations from a variety of knowledgeable, informative speakers. Back to the Basics Hansang Bae shows you tips and tricks used by insiders and veterans.

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