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The problem is that when I use Accordance I have to use a different keyboard, the one native to the application that uses the Yehudit font. The problem is that Accordance does not provide a 'keyboard' with Yehudit and so one has to type the characters either by guessing or by having a printed page in front of one that has the Yehudit Hebrew font. There is no keyboard viewer.

I am really looking for a way of typing Hebrew in Accordance and Mellel with a single keyboard, without having to use two different keyboards. Perhaps someone can help to find a solution to the problem?

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Posted 11 January - AM I am not an expert on physical keyboards, nor on Tyndale's keyboard. I know that we hope to release a Unicode keyboard that matches our Yehudit layout.

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Helen Brown OakTree Software. The only caveat to this is, that Accordance has the nikudot completely mismapped from that of the OS X keyboard which is Unicode compliant. Learning the layout isn't too tough. Once you have the keyboard down, then you can try it out in Accordance.

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That's how I've gotten around their non-Unicode interface. It is a very simple and free program to create your own keyboard layout. I took Hebrew Qwerty as start point and changed the keys to fit Accordance layout. Now I write both in Accordance and everywhere else with the same Hebrew kbd.

Best wishes. Sign In Need an account? Biblical Fonts- Frequently Asked Questions. What fonts are available? All fonts are fully Unicode compliant. Why should I bother with a Unicode font? Isn't it easier to keep using the fonts I have used for years? With older, non-Unicode fonts, character glyphs were simply mapped over Roman characters.

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  5. So, with SPEzra for example, pushing "b" displays a bet, and " " displays an ayin. However, the computer understands these characters as "b" and ". Unicode seeks to allow for transfer of encoded documents between platforms and independent of fonts. If a document is typed using one Unicode font, it will also be viewable using another Unicode font. Likewise if the font is not installed, the computer simply defaults to its normal Unicode font. If one wants to use a different font for aesthetic or other reasons, one can change the font just like one would do with English.

    Additionally, the computer understands the characters to be the ones that the screen displays. So, an ayin both displays as an ayin and is encoded that way. This makes cross-platform text transfers and searches possible, because texts can be encoded with the characters in which they are written. Even though learning to switch to and use keyboard layouts for other languages takes a little bit of time to learn, the benefits of Unicode more than make up for this small initial investment of time and effort.

    What platforms support the SBL fonts? Please note, however, that individual programs must also support Unicode for the font to work fully. Directions for installing keyboards for your specific computer can be found in the installation pages. Do I need to download a Greek keyboard?

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    Both Windows and Mac operating systems ship with a Greek Polytonic keyboard suitable for biblical and classical Greek. Please refer to the installation instructions for the individual platform for help activating them. How do I get accent marks with the letters? How can I enter multiple accent marks? OS X natively supports OpenType fonts with complex scripts for right-to-left languages.

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    Microsoft Office does not support right-to-left languages. At this time, Microsoft has not announced that any support will be forthcoming.

    This has to do with a confusing difference between Windows and Mac keyboards. Even though both keyboards have Ctrl keys, the Mac key that corresponds to the functionality of the Windows Ctrl key is the Command Apple key.

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    In order to conform to normal Mac User Interface standards, keystrokes represented by the Ctrl key in Windows are mapped to the Command Apple key on the Mac. The Alt and Shift keys behave the same on both platforms. For quick help finding a key, launch the Keyboard Viewer from the input menu of the menu bar. Search SBL.