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Distro Kubuntu Disk backup works on newer PC : Clonezilla. January 7th, 4. Re: Radeon HD driver Thx alot, it was easy when i did know where to look. January 8th, 5. Join Date Nov Location S. Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions Do your thing, and don't care if they like it. January 8th, 6. Join Date Aug Beans 4, Re: Radeon HD driver. Originally Posted by mastablasta. January 9th, 7. I have some games nothing fancy, old games based on Q3 engine or jdoom crashing.

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I mentioned power management as last time I had fan spinning wildly on laptop on January 9th, 8. Re: Radeon HD driver About power management.

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Maybe updating your kernel from mainline would help? Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Apr 9, 70 0 18, 0. Full support for these graphics cards is targeted to be available in the AMD Catalyst Nov 2, 0 19, Those drivers on powercolor's support page are just the Mar 8, 0 18, 6. Oct 8, 2, 0 21, New drivers out today. Keith Distinguished. Dec 6, 13 0 18, 0. Keith :.

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Best answer selected by idx. Mousemonkey Titan Moderator. Sep 3, 59, 10 96, 1, R0M 8 years ago. David Lindegren 8 years ago. Mytch 8 years ago. Anonymous Tester 8 years ago. David lindegren 8 years ago. Any suggestions welcome. Saitou Hajime 8 years ago. Bob 8 years ago. Hi, great site. Will this card probably work in my Mac Pro 3. Allready supported?

Off to play Portal 2 and TF2. Name required 8 years ago. TimDE 8 years ago. For me the XFX works fine in my macpro. At least with my configuration see above. Dave 8 years ago. Matt 8 years ago. Anyone else having issues or know of a fix?

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Johan 8 years ago. Thanks so much for this! Lets hope to see even more graphic card support in Lion. Cleveland 8 years ago. Whoops, I meant Planter 8 years ago. Finally , thanx again for Your work and the info you pass on. Good Job!

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Riprock 8 years ago. Mac Pro 1,1 Flashed Radeon If not, are there driver patches coming, or am I going to have to live at Rohan 8 years ago. Hey Bob comment 31 , I have had a MacPro 1,1 with a flashed Sapphire that worked a treat but without a bootscreen.

Thanks Cindori! A noob question: dose this card work on a MacPro1,1 mid? Jip van Kuijk 8 years ago. Hi everyone First Cindori thanks for your contributions. Using Kext Zeus or tools? Thank you very much everyone.

Control Software for Radeon 6870

Cindori 7 years ago. Thanks, for try help to me. Digitalfunky 5 years ago. Fallon 4 years ago.