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We do have some money of our own to put down, but most of it will be through them. Well, we tried to get preapproved for a traditional mortgage non-FHA and we were denied because we did not have enough of our own money saved for the down payment. Sub-Urban Princess. Originally Posted by Krissta. My question is, I was looking around about info on gift money, and stumbled across this: Mortgage Broker Mistakes Is this true?

If so, my parents could give me the money and I could deposit it into my account asap. If not, is there any other way to get around this? Reason: added text re: condos.


Originally Posted by Sub-Urban Princess. It must however be a family member or a person closely related somehow. For FHA loans, your entire down payment can be gifted from a family member. Most lenders require that your money be seasoned for days, as the article pointed out. If they see a large deposit, they will need it to be sourced. This is to rule out money laundering, etc. If your family member gifts you money, the lender will want you to show the donor's ability to gift the money to you.

This sometimes means they want to see the "donor's" bank statements to make sure they didn't have that money under a mattress or buried in their back yard. In addition, a gift letter will need to be signed by the donor stating that they understand that the money is a gift and is not a loan to you. If you deposit this money and it sits in your account for 60 days prior to application, you have nothing to worry about. If it's deposited after application, you will need to provide "gift" documentation.

My advice is to deposit days prior to application.

Freddie Mac Updates Credit and Underwriting Rules

Then later provide 2 months bank statements that do not show the deposit. Then it looks as if it was yours, just as the article stated. With regard to foreclosure as a result of the borrower not putting their own money down, I agree but I also disagree in some ways. I'm not convinced that gifting causes foreclosure.

Lack of budgeting, readiness, job loss, or predatory lending is in fact a contributing factor.

What is the Maximum Gift Amount?

It generally has to be an FHA approved condo project. If it is not an FHA approved development, many times you can seek a SPOT approval provided the condo association does not have a "first right of refusal" clause in the decs and by laws. If it is new construction, the association has to have been in control for at least 1 year in order to do a SPOT approval but there still must be no first right of refusal in the decs and by laws, as HUD considers this practice discriminatory.

Thank you so much for affirming this!

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Only a signed gift letter from the Donor and Borrower. My problem is that my Donor does not want to show his bank statements due to privacy issues. Most conventional mortgages are packaged into pass-through mortgage-backed securities, which trade in a well-established forward market known as the mortgage TBA to be announced market. Many of these conventional pass-through securities are further securitized into collateralized mortgage obligations CMOs.

Potential borrowers need to complete an official mortgage application and usually pay an application fee , then supply the lender with the necessary documents to perform an extensive check on their background, credit history and current credit score. Among the items required are:. Proof of income. These documents will include but may not be limited to:.

Borrowers also need to be prepared with proof of any additional income, such as alimony or bonuses. You will need to present bank statements and investment account statements to prove that you have funds for the down payment and closing costs on the residence, as well as cash reserves. If you receive money from a friend or relative to assist with the down payment, you will need gift letters, which certify that these are not loans and have no required or obligatory repayment.

These letters will often need to be notarized. Employment verification. Lenders today want to make sure they are loaning only to borrowers with a stable work history. If you have recently changed jobs, a lender may want to contact your previous employer. Self-employed borrowers will need to provide significant additional paperwork concerning their business and income. Other documentation. Mortgage lenders set interest rates based on their expectations for future inflation; the supply of and demand for mortgage-backed securities also influences the rates.

When the Federal Reserve makes it more expensive for banks to borrow by targeting a higher federal funds rate , the banks in turn pass on the higher costs to their customers, and consumer loan rates, including those for mortgages, tend to go up. Typically linked to the interest rate are points, fees paid to the lender or broker.

The more points you pay, the lower your interest rate. In general, people who plan on living in a home for a long time 10 or more years should consider points to keep interest rates lower for the life of the loan.


A buyer who plans on living in a home for 10 or more years should consider paying for points to keep interest rates lower for the life of the mortgage. These types of loans are not for everyone. Here's a look at who is likely to qualify for a conventional mortgage and who is not. People with established credit and stellar credit reports who are on a solid financial footing usually qualify for conventional mortgages.

More specifically, the ideal candidate should have:. Generally speaking, those who are just starting out in life, those with a little more debt than normal and those with a modest credit rating often have trouble qualifying for conventional loans.

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