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It was just, like, nothing, man. Dre put on the beat, and when cats from the Crest Side get in the studio, this is what we do, you know what we mean, we push each other and it was just, like, easy.

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But then Dre had that gangster side too. Dre was no pushover. Dre kept a smile on his face, but the minute that smile was gone, you know he would be on your ear. Dre was a character.

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  8. At the peak of his powers, Mac Dre and several members of his crew traveled to Kansas to perform a show. It would prove to be his last. The van swerved across a grass median and four southbound lanes, then crashed into a ditch. The driver escaped relatively uninjured, running down the highway to a store to call Shortly before his death, Dre had been relaxing back at his hotel room with Mac Mall. I go back to my room and get a call, the cuddy gone. Immediately, the news sent a shudder through the whole Bay.

    It was kind of surreal. Eight years on and the Bay is still coming to terms with the loss of Mac Dre. Officially, his murder remains an open case, but his legacy grows stronger all the time. All over Vallejo, there are murals to the man, and, under the stewardship of Kilo Curt and Jamal Diggs as well as Mac Mall, Thizz Entertainment has continued to put out records though not without new run-ins with the law. All the while, Mac Dre the artist continues to influence new generations of artists across America. Imagine what that would have sounded like?

    Name required. Mail will not be published required. Me-N-My Goonz Dec Starters In The Game Feb Ice Cream Feat. Thizz Or Die! Volume 4 Mar Volume 3 Mar Furley Ghost Compilation Apr The Best of Mac Dre - Vol. The Dre Area Apr Da Nation May Dre Day July 5th, Jul Rompalation III Jul Get the Green feat. P-Reek [Explicit] Ain't a Pimp feat. Vellqwan, J. Fully Loaded [Explicit] This Lifetime feat.

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    Diggs [Explicit] Made for This feat. Tha Suspex [Explicit] Rompt Out feat. Diggs [Explicit] On One feat. Diggs Sawyer St Dwella feat. Sleep Dank [Explicit] Crestside Funk feat. Intro [Explicit] Cutthoat Niggas feat. Mac Dre [Explicit] Millionaire Gangstas feat.

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    What It Thizz? Oct For The Streets Dec My Homeboyz Chevy ft. Mac Dre, Nickatina Thizzle Mountain ft. Basically the opposite of tupac or eminem, who "would" of and has written about problems from life, drugs and everything in between. Yeah man im glad to see that you found this site seeing how you only just got into it.

    Mac Dre - Feelin' Myself žodžiai

    Only after in desperation did I find it, I would have been able to safe myself alot of agony.. So be safe! Also glad to hear you like GZA, that record was dope, beneath the surface and liquid swords are my fav, besides his solo shyt. Check out Mac Miller - Outside , good intro to him if you havnt listened before, I got a feeling of you like big l n GZA like I do, you might warm up to this guy, especially if your a stoner..

    He also has a track out titled Giggin. Thizz Man said:. LOL it's suppose to look like that. I guess that's how the Bay Area was getting down. I've heard people blaming him for the demand for more speedy rolls in the Bay Area, because of the hyphy movement. MasterSplinter Bluelighter. He single handedly destroyed the community with a single e-tarded word.

    Lets get "hyphy". What the hell does that mean?

    "Feeling Myself" Lyrics

    Is it a black people thing? Sounds like a retard describing ecstasy to his ghetto friends IMO. Ill prefer to stear clear of that crowd at events and the second I hear that word I instantly discredit the person. Joined Jan 7, Messages 20, Mac Dre is a legend and he put it down for the bay area. May he thizz in peace. Also andre nickatina and mac dre made some dope songs together.

    Cant Help Myself - Mad Mac (Ft. Big Flock)

    Also Mac Dre has much more music that isn't like thizzle dance. To all you saying he sucks I'm betting you've never listened to his music and your following the band wagon in this thread. Even rappers many of you like who said Mac Dre is an idiot or sucked. And the OP only put down two songs of his that are pretty ridiculous even though I still love them.