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We've said it before and we'll say it again: One of the best things about Macs are the icons. There are dozens of icons that come pre-installed on your Mac, and there are literally thousands more available for free on the Internet. Collectively, these little pieces of artwork put a human face on let's be honest here the inhuman and somewhat foreign machine that is your Mac. We'll be using CandyBar in this tutorial, because we feel it's the easiest and simplest method. There are, however, plenty of other options. LiteIcon is a free application that works like CandyBar.

Where can I get more icons for CandyBar?

And you can also change your icons the old-fashioned way by following the instructions in one of our older articles: Customize Your Mac's Icons. This method is not as easy as using CandyBar, nor is it as comprehensive.

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Before you can start swapping icons, you'll have to download the CandyBar application. Once it's on your Mac, just drag it to your Applications folder and fire it up! You can try CandyBar for free for 15 days. Not a bad deal, in our opinion. As you'll see in just a second, CandyBar makes changing your Mac's system icons a snap, something that was practically impossible prior to CandyBar.

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  • The Iconfactory provides dozens of free icon sets, many of which are specially built for CandyBar. Just head on over to their website and look for the "iContainer" icon below. The iContainer contains a set of icons that will automatically load into CandyBar. Don't stop at the Iconfactory, though.

    Software Review

    There are dozens of websites that provide free icon sets. Here are some of our favorites:. Next, you'll need to get your icons into the CandyBar application.

    Custom Icons Mac! (Free Candybar)

    Here's how to do it:. CandyBar will import the icon s into your collection. You will now be able to find them in the sidebar. There are two approaches to changing your Mac's icons: You can use a complete set of icons to replace all of your Mac's icons, or you can take a piecemeal approach and mix and match icons.

    CandyBar 3.1.2

    We'll discuss replacing all of your Mac's icons with a complete set first. Complete icon sets are rather hard to come by. In fact, to our knowledge, the Iconfactory is the only website that provides complete sets of icons for CandyBar. Instructions for downloading Candybar are in the Panic announcement. Links to the various icon sets are embedded below.

    Good question. One of the big changes in OS X Leopard was to remove all semblance of colour from folder icons.

    Candy bar Icons - Download Free Candy bar icons here

    A similar trend has continued throughout OS X: the sidebar icons in iTunes, iPhoto and Mail have become similarly monochrome. This has generally been seen as a bad move, because colour is an easy way to pick out different icons, and removing it makes it harder to pick out something at a glance.

    If you customise your icons, you can make them visually distinctive, and easy to find at a glance.