Mac impassioned nail polish review

I have been lusting over this particular lipstick forever! Yolennie www. It looks so pretty, I will go to a MAC counter tomorrow to test it. How beautiful!

The Nail Polish You Should Wear This April, According to Astrology

This is definitely on my list this summer, have started a small pink lip obsession recently. My goodness is this a beautiful shade! And you pull it off really well-makes me want to go buy it :D A Thing of Beauty. Oh my god. This is one of the most beautiful shades of lipstick ever!

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Definitely going to have to add it to my MAC wishlist! MAC lippies are always fab! I have a soft spot for bright lipsticks, we all know that and when they are from the pink color family — I am pretty much sold. Naturally, when I finally got my hands on MAC Impassioned here we bonded straight away and it left me completely besotted.

It is easily the most gorgeous summery shade and its gorgeous almost-neon pink red with slight warm undertones to it is absolutely breathtaking. If you are a brighter lipstick kinda gal Impassioned is the ultimate confidence booster for the warmer months. It has a beautiful edge to it but is still uber feminine and I adore the way it adds life to my face and brightens up my complexion.

Full-blown color with just one swipe?

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Creamy, buttery feeling on the lips? Non-drying formula? Do I need to say more? Have you tried MAC Impassioned before? Do you love it as much as I do? Lots of love,. Daniella C 19 June at Amber Lindsey 19 June at Conny 19 June at Scoo 19 June at Ivana Split 19 June at Rikki Poynter 19 June at Natalie 19 June at Maddy 19 June at Jen27 19 June at Jasmine Poole 19 June at Julie 19 June at Megan Lillie 19 June at Kat F 19 June at Karlien Vermeersch 19 June at Diane J 20 June at Celina 20 June at Kay Cake 20 June at Cassandra Myee 20 June at Carly Blogs Here 20 June at Yolennie 20 June at Hear people out, but research what they say, at least until the last week or so of the month—then you can relax.

Make sure that you take care of yourself between all your investigating and vetting people out. Finally, you're feeling a little bit more normal—like things are back on track and you can be your fun, positive self again. Well, for a little while at least. I know, I know—you hate teases, but it's serving a purpose, I promise. You're still in a mega growth phase, but April is about merging the new you with your creative side.

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Take this opportunity to explore some new avenues and ideas and see if you can strategize a plan to do more of what you love. The catch is that you'll need to consider others for your plan to work. Meditating your way to clarity is what the cosmos have in store for you this month.

Favourite Neon Nail Polishes COLLAB! - Zenorah

Home is where you make it where you find yourself , and for you, April is about strengthening your connection to your higher self—which is very much an internal process. Meditate, do a little redecorating, find more ways to work from home, and aim to make your home a sanctuary. Things are friendly this month, until they get nostalgic. That sounds bad, doesn't it? Let me elaborate. Having a social proclivity—a knack for making friends of any and all walks of life—is your forte.

Learn as much as you can from your peers, connect with old friends, throw a barbecue, and get to know your neighbors so that when May rolls around, you might ask them for a favor. Truthfully, though, you are a futurist, and you'll want to find a sounding board for ideas. This very faint coral shade is lofty. You'll like it—just wear it with something black. For you, though, the term prosperity is ambiguous.

MAC Nail Lacquer Impassioned Photos, Swatches

April holds great opportunities for you to get financially fit so that you can feel more abundant in other areas of your life. Stay grounded in practical matters and you will set yourself up for sustaining success. This coral confetti keeps things dreamy enough but reminds you to stay on course.

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By using Byrdie, you accept our. Makeup Nails. Your power shade this month is…. You'll love the way you feel in coral—it softens you up a bit. This rosy coral is feminine and alluring, just like you. This hot coral polish will keep you occupied.

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This soft coral hue exudes all your best attributes. This coral shade helps you to feel grounded, despite all of the unknowns.

Despite all of these warnings, this is quite a nice month for you really. Your power color this month is This coral color is on the pinker side; it signifies self-love. Related Stories.