Mac blush brush 116 and 129

What it is: An angled medium-sized brush with a blend of blonde and white bristles that delicately glides over the face to apply the lightest layers of contour. What it d …. What it is: A dense and full brush made of synthetic fibers, shaped into a small fan. What it does: The density of this brush allows for flexible usage with different med ….

Remove excess makeup and residue while disinfecting and conditioning your brush bristles. The Brush Cleanser is convenient to use and specifically designed to extend the …. It highlights ….

Day 2 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Face Brushes

MAC Cosmetics. More Photos. See It. You Might Like. See at Walmart. Features:Highest quality material, high density br …. Use these dense foam rubber sponges whole or cut i …. What it is: A brush chiseled on both sides that is …. See at Bloomingdale's. Chiseled on both sides, this brush is the perfect …. What it is: An all-purpose brush ideal for the app ….

What it is: An all-purpose brush for blush or powd …. What it is: A brush with an elongated fluffy paddl …. What it is: A brush that applies color to your bro ….

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What it is: A full and dense brush for dusting loo …. What it is: A soft and dense brush designed to sha ….


What To Buy Now. What it is: A brush designed to apply, blend or co …. See at Saks Fifth Avenue. What it is: A foundation brush designed to create …. What it is: A large, full, circular brush used for …. What it is: A double-agent cheek brush with short ….

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  • Day 2 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Face Brushes?
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What it is: A double-agent, paddle-shaped brush th …. What it is: A large angled brush designed for the …. Post a Comment Thanks for reading! Follow us Subscribe via Email. My seven favourite blusher and bronzer brushes I have probably a silly amount of brushes. No, I most certainly won't admit that out loud to my OH, who doesn't really read my posts anymore, so I'm more or less safe to admit it here.

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My favourite for powder bronzer? My beloved Bobbi Brown brush, before the re-boot and re-shape. My favourite for powder blusher? The Hakuhodo has a slight edge. My doesn't shed thankfully. I've been eyeing up the for some time now, I have the sigma dupe for the but it's not as soft as the feels when I try it out at the mac store. Thanks for the comparison. Ahh the has been on my want list for so long, one day I'll get around to it :. I love reading your comments and will reply as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Hi again,. I do not have a lot of MAC brushes in my collection,and I know that it will grow pretty soon. I currently own- MAC , , , , , , and Im happy with what I have, but there will always be a but! I want MAC , , and in the future :D.

116 vs 129 vs 150

This is a very small, soft brush that I find very useful for buffing in cream and powder products. I use this brush for: foundation, blush, contour, and highlight. What does MAC say about this brush: Use on the face to apply, blen, or contour powder products.