Windows server 2008 r2 enable and configure mac address filtering

M AC address Media Access Control address is a quasi-unique identifier consists of a six byte number that attached to most network adapter card or network interface card NIC. In operating system, MAC address is often represented in digit hexadecimal number.

In practical usage, layer 2 MAC address is converted from layer 3 protocol addresses such as Internet Protocol IP address by ARP Address Resolution Protocol , which then allowed each host to be uniquely identified and frames to be marked for specific hosts on broadcast networks, such as Ethernet. MAC address thus forms the basis of most of the layer 2 networking upon which higher OSI Layer protocols are built to produce complex, functioning networks.

There are many reasons or possibilities that an user may want to change the MAC address or a network adapter, which also known as MAC spoofing.

Windows Server R2 Improvements in DHCP (Part 1)

For example, to bypass the MAC address filtering on firewall or router. The trick can be used to get pass the network access restriction by emulating a new unrestricted MAC address, or to gain access connection by spoof an authorized MAC address after sniffing the legitimate MAC address out of the air in MAC filtering Wi-Fi network.

Actually, the original MAC address is burnt and imprinted to the network card, and cannot be changed. However, operating system can spoof as if there is different MAC address for the network interface card using tricks below. Select the network adapter that connects that active network, and select Properties. In the General tab, click on the Configure button. And this is all assuming you have cisco equipment.

MAC addressing filtering for DHCP leases

According to this post on ServerFault, it is not possible. Yeah, Windows only lets you apply filters to the entire server, not to specific scopes. This is a rather silly limitation, and somewhat of an oversight IMO.

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Looks like it's not possible. The proper way to do what you are asking would be use to Policy filtering at the scope level. Phelom Phelom 11 1 1 bronze badge.

Enable filtering

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How to Enable and Configure DHCP MAC Address Filtering

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