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If you are finding yourself in this situation, then there are several things you can do to restore your icons. As part of this association, OS X will adopt icons within the handling program to use with these files. If this association is broken in the launch services, then the system may not know what files your programs are capable of opening, which in turn may have OS X resort to a generic icon for these files. Note that the command is buried deep in the system so it is very long; however, you should be able to copy the following multi-line version of it and paste it into the Terminal to run it:.

The icons on my MacBook desktop have disappeared. Any suggestions?

In addition to launch services, OS X contains a few system caches that handle application icons so the system does not have to constantly pull them from programs you have installed. When done, reboot your Mac into Safe Mode hold the Shift key at startup and then restart normally. Note that after removing these caches and rebuilding the launch services, that you may have to open the programs again before the files these programs handle will regain their icons.

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Conflicts for handling different files may occur if you have or have had multiple versions of the same program on your system. For instance, if a program was at version 1. Since I have updated, a lot of my applications show the attached icon when I open them. Does anyone know a fix to this? After running the commands, I had to remove the app from the dock and add it again. It worked for me but YMMV. Rebooting in "Safe Mode" fixes this issue.

Probably because system caches are cleared and re-created during safe boot.

Drive Icons Missing From Your Mac's Desktop?

To boot in Safe Mode, hold the shift key while starting or rebooting the Mac. You can release the shift key when the login prompt appears. Apple provides more details about Safe Mode in this article. This is what I did, but it resets your dock to default and removes every app expect the default ones:. Other persons having this problem have reported that the update process of League of Legend may cause this issue.

Fix Desktop Icons Missing or Disappeared

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Can you give some examples of the applications that are showing the icon? A screen shot perhaps? There should be a screenshot of the icon attached to the post. The problem seems to be unrelated to the apps being used and are seemingly random. Definitely an epidemic - apple. Would the admin password be the local computer admin or another admin?

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I used my admin password and was unsuccessful still.