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The new WhatsApp desktop version is designed to replace the browser-based WhatsApp Web that was previously the only option for using the messenger on a PC. The two versions are actually very similar, but since the desktop version is installed, several features on it function better and the general service has been improved. That aside, there are a couple of practical function that are only available via the desktop app:. The new desktop app can be downloaded for free from the WhatsApp website. The desktop version is heavily based on the web app, especially in design and layout, while the basic setup follows the well-known smartphone app.

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In principle, the WhatsApp desktop messenger is just like an app wrapper — replicating a version of the smartphone app, but on a browser, or in this case a desktop. Programs like this have been available for a while from various other providers see below , and now WhatsApp have launched their own official version. Just as with the web app, anyone looking to use the WhatsApp desktop version will require a smartphone with WhatsApp installed and activated on it.

The PC version then displays the message history from the mobile device. Important: the smartphone should be connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible, in order to avoid putting an unnecessary and expensive strain on your mobile data allowance. Throughout the WhatsApp desktop use, the mobile device must remain connected via the internet.

The official system requirements are Windows 8 and OS X Within a few moments, all current chats should be displayed on the desktop app, and almost all features that you can use on the smartphone app version are available. The following programs also offer an installation for this messenger service that you can use on your computer at home:. Fast forward 2 years, and the number of users has doubled, reaching the billion marker in February No other chat service has ever reached these levels before. The unbelievably large audience of messenger users has also enabled WhatsApp to tap into online marketing.

Our article on marketing chatbots will help explain how the service can be used in order to keep in touch with potential customers.

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All you need is a screenshot of some sample text; WhatTheFont does the rest for you. But not all apps are the same: over the years, various formats have emerged. One of these is the hybrid app, which combines the strengths of native and web apps.

But there are also disadvantages to these Endless clicking through the many menus when working with Photoshop is a major disadvantage for users of the photo editing software giant. But thanks to certain Photoshop shortcuts, users have the option of employing keyboard combinations to skip straight to certain actions. With more than a billion worldwide users to date, the app is more popular than almost any other on the market.

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But this networking comes with its disadvantages too: the main one being that WhatsApp shares user data Facebook's messaging function has long become indispensable as a means for many people to keep in touch with friends and colleagues — even on the move. Using Facebook Messenger app on your phone tends to use up a lot of battery power and internet data. Fortunately, there are good alternatives that allow you to navigate Facebook chats just as easily and quickly, and that often also help to protect A the messages in WhatsApp are so important, many people wonder if there's a way to extract WhatsApp messages from backup to Mac so that you can have a copy of the chat history on your computer?

It's the tool you need in order to extract WhatsApp messages to Mac.

The WhatsApp native desktop app for Windows and Mac has arrived

It is fully compatible with Mac OS X For those who have backed up or synced iPhone with iTunes or backed up to iCloud, it's possible to extract WhatsApp without iPhone at hand. And you'll never be bothered by losing important messages from iPhone. In fact, you have 2 methods to choose from, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.