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Support Center Enter a search term here. The information on this page applies to Pro Tools 6 through Pro Tools System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools Note : Mac OS X System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 9. Pro Tools 9. Although not officially qualified, Pro Tools 9. For downloads and details, see the following:.

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Optimizing Your Operating System for Pro Tools This article links to the latest guides that explain how to configure your computer before installing Pro Tools. Optimizing your system will simplify software installation and maximize the performance of Pro Tools:. Pro Tools Software Versions Below 8. Version 8. To update Mac OS X To update to Pro Tools 8. Pro Tools HD 8. I did this professionally for a few years when I was younger so I like having all the newest stuff but in my world as long as I am enjoying my time doing music and audio and not spending more of my time trying to fix bugs, find out what is compatible, doing hacks for upgrades, etc I just want it to do what I want it to do.

So it made sense for me to upgrade my old machine rather than buy a new one. If you need to be more prepared for future upgrades then the Mac pro mid will likely only be supported by Apple another year.

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Then you're looking at hacks and patches to get to latest OS and things of that nature. This means if that mac pro doesn't already have latest version of HS There is lots of info at other sites that go into the nitty gritty of that if you need the details. Go with 3. The only better CPU you can put in is 3. Tons of folks are using old mac pros, they are solid machines that can take a beating. Sure you can get a new mac but you can buy 5 old mac pros for one new iMac pro. I have a mac pro which is the cheapest way to go but upgrade is a little harder than the but only a little. You can buy a 8 core 2.

Pro Tools HD Compatible Interfaces

I have a Samsung SM M. Blue Ray and DVD drives, usb 3 pcie you can now install a usb c card made by sonnet.

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So long story short the to are still great for pro tools and dirt cheap. Here are my videos on how to upgrade them if your interested.

Install Pro Tools 12 on Mojave & High Sierra

I brought a Harper town Mac Pro and bloody well love it. Working great.

Choosing the Right CPU (aka Processor)

My other rig is a much more powerful Hackintosh with recent hardware and the only difference I see is when doing offline bounces. But for recording, editing and mixing, i. Perfectly viable machine still. Running PT On the face of it, you might assume that this means HDX is less powerful in some situations.

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  • So where the theoretical maximum number of Maxims on an PCIe Accel card would have been 60, on HDX assuming one chip is being used to run the mixer this number is But, again, if you consider the number of chips available on the different cards, an PCIe Accel card would support only eight ReVibes, whereas you could run 17 ReVibes on an HDX card, should you have the inclination.

    Shouldn't that number be 12? Well, no. Although Avid have refrained from publishing detailed technical information about HDX, it seems that each DSP now has sufficient memory to run memory-intensive plug-ins.

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    Perhaps the biggest concern with Pro Tools HDX right now is that its success arguably lies in the hands of Avid's third-party plug-in developers. Combined with the improvements in Pro Tools 10, HDX is an incredibly capable system that should satisfy the increasing demands of existing users.

    There are still some issues to be resolved, as indicated by the litany of known problems in the Here's to the next 10 years. This is great for native users who want to use ReVibe, of course, but it will also make session interoperability between native and HDX systems far more seamless than before.

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    For third-party developers, this is understandable. Conspicuously absent are Waves, who have yet to make an official announcement, but have made some reassuring noises that AAX support is to be expected. One of the new features in Pro Tools 10 is an increased buffer size for delay compensation. This means you get samples at A further benefit for HDX users with delay compensation in A small footnote on the subject of delay compensation concerns the latency of HDX plug-ins. I'm not sure these differences are that significant, but may be something to bear in mind when making comparisons between systems, or moving projects from HD to HDX.

    Some Compensation One of the new features in Pro Tools 10 is an increased buffer size for delay compensation.