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Thanks to all of the hard working developers, hackers, and testers all over the world without whom this guide would never have been possible. This guide can be complete by your suggestion and comments. Please feel free to share your experience with Hackintoshing your PC. We promise to update the post if we get a reasonable explanation from you guys.

Thank you for reading this lengthy article. Mukhtar Jafari is the CEO of wikigain. He would like to share his experiences with IT enthusiast via this blog. I booted from the mac, got to the clover menu. Then selected the option to boot the installer. Then I see the apple logo, then the logo with the the progress bar. I have a Gigabyte Z Gaming 7 with a K. I tried turning off my overclock and running the suggested settings shown in the guide but no changes. Hi all, so I get the installer made and boot up and go ahead and go through the first install process formatting the drive etcetera Etc and then when it reboots to go into the second phase to do the clean install it gets almost all the way done and then gives me an error message with no specifics just failed to initialize properly or something like that and my only option is to restart so I go back into the boot disk and find out that even though I formatted hfsplus the High Sierra installer converted it to a PFS so my question is, is this why my install keeps failing and do I need to add the a PFS file or text to my EFI volume on the new boot disk?

How to Run Windows on a Mac

Or do I use Clover to configure it differently or add it in there? I need to download the 1. Files to download: Chimera 4.

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But I dont have any idea of it. Download UniBeast 8.

Find out the Wi-Fi model then google to download the drive. I macs everywhere else: iPhones, iPads, Mac Mini. I do basic stuff, email, web, Youtube. No games. I do watch DVD movies occasionally. Will I be able to do these things. If I do a dual install and keep Windows 10 installed will it work on the Windows side or will that be affected by the Mac OS install?

Thank you! Yeah dear, you can do basic stuffs like email, web and youtube. Can I install on same hard disk on which window 10 is already running? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. USB Installer created Successfully. Load Optimized Default. Virtualization Technology. Internal Graphics. Initial Display Output. Boot Priority. Clover Boot Menu. Select Language. Disk Utility Window. Format Disk. Disk Format. Install macOS. Agree to terms and Conditions. Well, Mac OS X doesn't use drivers, but the principle is the same.

It needs to know how to properly use the hardware in your computer. This is where kext files come in. Kext is short for Kernel Extension. It basically is the OS X equivalent of drivers. After installing OS X you'll need to hunt down the proper kexts for your system.

Other times, you'll have to Google search for them. This is a good time to have another computer on hand, or to boot back to Windows. The reason for this is because since OS X doesn't know the hardware in your computer, it might not be able to connect to the internet. Anyway, just search "mac os x version model of hardware you want kext.

Since Apple only makes kexts for the hardware they support, all the kexts for unsupported hardware must be made by dedicated programmers. I'd just like to make it clear that suggestions WILL be accepted, and credit will be given to any person who writes me a suggestion. Reply 1 year ago. Why is your RAM so low compared to your other specs? Your i5 processor is clocked high, not sure about that motherboard though. You have no graphics card? Then how you will run an operating system, much less view movies and play video games? Reply 3 years ago.

U built ur own pc but ur wndering if u can run osx on it. For u to build a pc ur not that smart.. I have a windows laptop, i want to run osx and windows simultaneously , just like we run windows and ubuntu simultaneously, Is it possible? I have apple macbook but running on windows 7 and I want to install Mac is lleopa Thanks John.

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I haven't tried it yet as the main problem is the wireless network doesn't work. Not having a wired connection would be a problem. I've searched through many Hackintosh articles but found none for my specific older Elitebook. Have you had any problems withthe wifi on the newer models? Or has there been any research done as to why the wifi wouldn't work? More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

Minivac Version 1. Internet of Things Class. Reply Upvote. BobbyP40 srinathhari06 Reply 1 year ago. DanH srinathhari06 Reply 3 years ago. ReyeshN 2 years ago. TveshajK 3 years ago. Moreover i dont want to use any virtual box. Please guide me.! What are the system requirements for install mac on pc.

Can we upgrade system by vm ware? Mrityunjayp2 jofa Reply 3 years ago. Worked for me. SohilS 4 years ago on Introduction. StephenA6 4 years ago on Introduction.

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Can i rum mountain lion on my computer? Intel pentium g 2. MelanieT1 4 years ago on Introduction.