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Problem: A file is being used by another app or process

I've just finished solve my problem and you helped a lot. Os X Server was an easy solution. On Yosemite client I already created a groupe yesterday, that I basically called "Sharing". With the file-sharing Options of OsX Server I had more options to set this groupe as I intended to do, and more particularly by spreading permissions to children files and folders.

OsXServer also allow you to create dedicated folder for groups which is a quite good solutions also.

How to change / add file or folder permissions on mac osX

But didn't even needed it since the files-sharing options did really good! So now my wife can access the server with dedicated rights, download stuff and PLEX catch newly arrived files, on the go! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Recently I decided to recycle one of my old Macs into a home-file-sharing-server. But when my wife tries the same from her computer, everything changes. I'm using SMB setting for her to access my folders I have look for answers but can't find one matching my needs. Please give me a hint if you can, Regards, Quentin.

Quentin Beau Quentin Beau 11 2 2 bronze badges. Can you give the output of ls -l on one of the shared folders in which she created a sub-folder? I guess that's what you meant? Is it helping in any way? You mentioned OsX server. I could definitely do that. But I guess their would still be some settings involve to trick SMB? Can't guarantee that running Server would fix it - I haven't run Yosemite Server - but would be worth checking into.

Ownership and permissions on shared folders can be hard to manage without fine-grained ACLs and inheritance settings. Standard file sharing using Shared Folders doesn't propagate Group inheritance to sub-folders, which is really what you need since the Staff group is only getting r-x permissions. So what are my options without installing Os X Sever? Any solution to propagate the inheritance?

Why does Dropbox want to turn on accessibility? – Dropbox Help

I don't know of any ways to propagate permissions automatically for shares on non-server editions. If an object cannot be deleted using any of the preceding methods, you may have encountered this rare situation.

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Dealing with immutable flags is covered in our "Immutable flags" FAQ. Empty and recreate an account's Trash The following procedure will "kill two birds with one stone.

Set or clear read-only status

Empty the Trash of an affected account. Trash directory, with correct ownership and permissions, for that account. Perform the following steps in the order specified: 1. If the affected account is protected by FileVault, log in to the affected account, then switch to and log in to your Admin account via Fast User Switching.

Otherwise, log in to your Admin account. At the Terminal prompt, type one of the following commands:. Note that: There is a single space after each of the terms sudo , rm , and -ri in the command. Assure you have typed the command exactly as specified before proceeding: typographical errors in this command can have dire consequences, including erasing your hard drive! Techniques for solving Trash problems : common approaches to a variety of Trash problems, including: Trash utilities for eradicating troublesome files.

Force the Trash to empty using the Option key. Empty and recreate an account's Trash. Resolving common Trash problems : solutions for the following common Trash problems: Moving locked files to the Trash. Locked files in the Trash. Files in use by other applications. Insufficient privileges needed to Trash an object.

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Files dragged to the Trash "will be deleted immediately" alert. Immutable files. Because each user's Trash is private, viewing the contents of the Trash shows only objects that you have placed into the Trash. If you have secondary hard drives or other writable volumes connected to your Mac, each contains an invisible Trash folder named. Trashes at the root top level of the volume , which in turn contains an invisible Trash folder for each user. When you open Trash to view its contents, it appears that all of the objects you have trashed are in a single Trash folder.

Clear the read-only status of a workbook

In reality, Trash is displaying a list that is the union of the contents of all of the individual Trash folders associated with your account, on all writable volumes. Techniques for solving Trash problems Trash utilities for eradicating troublesome files You may want to download and install the freeware utility Trash It!

Perform the following steps in the order specified: Press and hold the mouse button on the Trash icon in the Dock. The context menu for Trash will display. Release the keys pressed and held in step 2. If the affected account is:.

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Type y for yes in response to the subsequent prompts to delete each file in the trash and finally the affected.