Mac os x snow leopard installation problems

How To Install Snow Leopard on any PC (Hackintosh)

I have the original disk that came with the iMac and a retail version borrowed from a friend and the computer won't boot from them! Crazy, hey? Yes, I have backups, so have no problem wiping the drive if necessary. This is my conundrum. I think I will have to do that if I can't get this sorted in the next few days. You can use Target Disk Mode to get around your problem. More specifically: Borrow your friend's MacBook Pro and ensure it and your iMac are both switched off Connect the two computers together via a FireWire cable Start your iMac in Target Disk Mode by holding down the T key on your iMac keyboard immediately after starting up.

Keep the key down until you see the icon floating around the screen. When the installation is complete, reboot the MBP again and immediately hold down the Option key.

DVD-less Snow Leopard installation on older Mac

When prompted to select a statup disk, select the iMac's drive and hit Enter. You're now booting the MBP from your iMac hard drive. Once you're running Mac OS X Disconnect the FireWire cable from the two Macs. Crisis averted!

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Obviously the above steps will take some time, but let me know if you run into any problems. Sir, this looks very promising indeed!!! I have a Firewire cable and my friend is dropoing her MacBook Pro around to me shortly. I will do this tonight! I've reinstalled tons of It's specific to the 27" model?

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And in step 6, erasing the iMac hdd is also an option. So you're better off starting with a clean slate from your backups.

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After I finally completed the installation, I had to change the screen brightness setting and manually change the gamma in the calibration of the display to 2. I now picture the Snow Leopard holding a high-end flashlight in its mouth. It is possible that this problem could have been avoided if the display preferences in Energy Saver had been set, before the installation began, to never have the display sleep. My display went dark and did not recover after about the same amount of time for which sleep was set.

So, if you're heading into an install of Snow Leopard, it might be best to manually turn all of the display sleep settings to Never and maybe do the same for system sleep as well as unchecking the hard disk sleep box.

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