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The Microsoft Works word processor files use the. The simplest method to convert a. This only works with Works 7 or later versions. Start Word and try to open the. If your version of Word will not directly open the.

How To Open a WPS File

See Resources. This upgrade allows Word to open. The upgrade only works with Word service pack 2 and later versions. If you like, go to Windows Explorer and associate the. This will allow you to open.

Won't work in Google Drive

In Windows XP, right-click a. Use Microsoft's free Word Viewer utility to view. The viewer will not convert the file to any other format, however. If some changes to formatting are acceptable, consider copying the contents of the.

Use the "Recover text from any file" option in Word if the formatting of the. The option for recovering text from any file is listed as if it were a type of file format in the "Open" dialog box.

Mac Opening Files Techniques

You can download it from the Microsoft website here. It is no longer actively developed but gets the job done.

Word will utilize the Microsoft Works 6—9 File Converter and open the file. You should now see whatever it is the file contains.

Helpful answers

Hope it was worth it! If you have the newest version of Word, it has native support for WPS files. Apparently, earlier versions of the app cannot open them so you will need this latest version, or the version included in Office Depending on what the file contains, you may see some gibberish where Word cannot fully understand the format. This is apparently common.

Top 5 WPS Reader for Mac Review Update

If this happens to you, download the Microsoft Works 6—9 File Converter above and try again. That should show the contents in all their glory. The process of opening the file should be the same as using Word. I have not tried either of these office suites as I use Office but both are supposed to play nicely with WPS files.

So all of those methods should allow you to open and read a WPS file but what about converting it into something more useful? You have two options, one is to use the Save As… option in each of the utilities above.

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Then use a native file format supports by your program of choice.