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Thanks for the help. Just got to looking at the file info. Is the i version compatible with my laptop? July 26th, 4.

KompoZer, a free, open-source and half-decent WYSIWYG web editor

Re: Kompozer not responding It's simpler than you think. Further notes just in case: - No "install" needed!! Again, please read again my previous post, no void wording in it. July 26th, 5.

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Re: Kompozer not responding Doesn't offer the option to "Run". Downloaded, saved to folder on desktop, did extract here, click on kompozer folder and offered options of: open; open in new tab, open in new window; open with; cut; copy; paste; and the rest of the usual list. Have tried right click, left click, double left click. Program does not open from folder. Same problem as before, just a different location. Any other ideas? July 26th, 6. Distro Kubuntu Development Release. Originally Posted by JC Cheloven. Web authoring experts usually say that every single WYSIWYG-like program for creating web pages is crap, and that html hand editing form scratch is the only way, despite the authors of such programs claiming that generated code will be W3C compliant Well, as a non-expert person, I'd say that Kompozer worked fine for me to create and maintain some three really simple web pages I maintain since some years now.

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth July 27th, 7. Re: Kompozer not responding bodhi Thanks for the response. Wouldn't mind doing Bluefish but have tried it and don't seem to be able to get it started. Did a validation check and, apparently, the Serif program I purchased made about errors in the process.

Looks like what I may need to do is break out a "for dummies" book I have and see if I can build from scratch. Scary thought! Have a bunch of pages with photos, etc, and not sure how to do the text insert for review. Besides there are too many pages to do that with anyway. Kompozer sure doesn't want to work for me. Is there a listing of HTML commands anywhere, like inserting a photo, an order tab, and email link? Thanks again for the assist offer. July 27th, 8. Re: Kompozer not responding As an aside there is a new wysiwyg editor available called bluegriffon.

The dev is the original developer of NVU from which Kompozer was forked.

KompoZer b1 - Kaz’hack

One thing is that there are several useful addons but they are not free unfortunately. As with Home Page, there are buttons for right, left, centered, and justified text, numbered and bullet lists, indenting or unindenting paragraphs, creating an anchor, inserting an image, making a table, etc. In addition, there's the KaZcadeS button that lets you edit your style sheet. KompoZer can also underline misspelled words as you type and supports tabs, so you can work on multiple pages in a single window.

For me, the most important feature is a checkbox in Advanced preferences specifying that a return in a paragraph creates a new paragraph. Unfortunately, KompoZer doesn't default to creating paragraphs when you start a new document, an option I've suggested to the development team. Very nice! KompoZer does more things Home Page doesn't: It lets you edit pages on your server, not just on your local or network drive, and you can publish a page as soon as you're done editing it.

All in all, I like KompoZer. It has its shortcomings, but it's a great free tool that could just about replace Home Page for me. Just about. Although KompoZer mostly works the way you'd expect, it's not perfect. Nor is it Mac-like. And it lacks of Home Page feature I depend on.

That said, it's generally fast enough. I don't have to import them. I don't have to copy and paste them into a template. I can just open them inside KompoZer and work on them.

E-Prog {HTML5/CSS3} : 2.1 Les editeurs HTML (OSX/W7/W8/LINUX)

That brings up one area that isn't Mac-like. You can't drag a file to the KompoZer icon in the Dock to work on it. You have to open your file within KompoZer.

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Another un-Mac-like thing is that KompoZer doesn't close its window with cmd-W. In the Mac world, almost every application can do that, but in KompoZer you have to click the red "close window" button. However, once you close the window, there is no way to open a new one short of quitting and relaunching the program. A third area that diverges from Mac standards is selecting text.

Kompozer not responding

On a true Mac application, if you double-click a word to select the whole word and then move your cursor, it grabs whole words. KompoZer does select a word when you double-click on it, but it only grabs the characters you mouse over a behavior consistent with other Mozilla apps , which takes some getting used to. Also, KompoZer is inconsistent in how it grabs a whole word.

It may or may not include a period or comma with the word. It's a frustrating inconsistency. The only reason this is mentioned in the problem part of this review is that every time you switch from Source to Normal, KompoZer takes the time to spell check your document - and it switches from Source to Normal if you save a file, too.

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Also like Home Page, KompoZer reformats your page when you open it. One goal of KompoZer 0.

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  • Time to see if it could live up to my claims. Why do so many programs get this wrong? I'm looking into it. There is one area where KompoZer is messed up. I used SeaMonkey for months before learning about KompoZer, and it has the same problem, so it may be a glitch in the Mozilla code both projects use. It has to do with the way KompoZer cuts, copies, pastes, and inserts text. I use KompoZer primarily to work on existing pages, especially the price trackers we publish.

    It's nice being able to see what the page will look like, especially since some of the graphics are linked to external servers Claris Home Page doesn't show those. The problem is that sometimes when I insert a line, KompoZer inserts another line - above the paragraph I was just in. Or sometimes above the paragraph I just created. And sometimes when working in a bullet list, it creates a line without a bullet.

    And sometimes when pasting in a line, it adds a blank paragraph after it. Just plain weird behavior! Weirder yet, although I can see an extra line, sometimes when I switch to Source view, there's no code to explain it. Speaking of cut-and-paste, KompoZer doesn't like to grab a whole paragraph of text. I Home Page, if I click once, it places the cursor.