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Lonely Thoughts Remix. Stolen Youth Intro. Stuck in my Ways. Thought About You. Juney Jones. Not So Scary. One Take. Wonderful World. Bird Call. Objects In The Mirror. Red Dot Music. Watching Movies. Someone Like You. Objects in the Mirror Video Version. The Star Room Original Demo. Don't Forget. Hold On, Hold Up. Lookin' For Da Cuff. In a Minute. Slip, Slide. Put This on Facebook. The Lobby. Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? Money Talks. Max Julien. Live From Kissena Blvd. House Gang. Til The Sun Up. Do Sumthin Suge Knight Diss. In And Out. Maine On Fire. Shake It. Think Of Me.

Love To a Diplomat. Perfect Love. Get Involved.

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Roll Deep. Buy This Buy That. The Latest. I Came. Trap Lords. The Trillest. Gangsta Of The Year. Rich Gang. Hit Em Up. Flexed Up. Let the Blunt Go. Bump That Bass. Wipe It Up. X Marks The Spot. Boom Bap Riddim. Yours Truly Honeymoon Avenue. Baby I. Right There. Tattooed Heart. The Way. Almost Is Never Enough. Better Left Unsaid. The Way Spanglish Version. The Way Spanglish Version [feat. J Balvin]. Lights Down. Up Every Night. Happy Days. Too Long. Thug Poets. Right Now. Hard To Forget. Make It Out Alive.

Heaven Is. Time Goes. Thank God. Cali Living. I Like Head. Do It With My Tongue. Keenon Jackson. Take Everything From Her. Yo Body. Go So Deep. Respect Her Hustle. Grind Mode. Too Short. God Is My Witness. Westside 4 Fingaz. Attack the Block Attack the Block. Letter From the Government. Earning Potential. The Corner. Getting to the Money. NY Shining. Make It Classy.

So Fresh. To the Music. I Like It. Fly Away. Bases Loaded America. Gettin After that Money. Don't Front. Junkie Luv. I Don't Care. Gotta get away. Here We Come. Hip-Hop My Beloved. Coke Boys 3 Coke Boys 3 - Intro. Smoke and Drank. Everywhere We Go. Make Money. Husband and Wife. Dope Got Me Rich. Cool Whip. Tap That. Dreamchasers 2 Dreamchasers 2 Intro. Ready or Not. A1 Everything. Use to Be. I Get It. Racked Up Shawty. Big Dreams. Take U Home. The Ride. Face Down. Str8 Like Dat.

House Party Remix. On My Way. Dreamchasers 2 Outro. Extra-Lucide Coda Vide. Combien de temps? Best Day. Tu brilles. Toussa Toussa Remix. Go go gadget. Je les garde. Les bienveillants. Les moyens du bord. Life is Good. Polyurethane Plastic life. Dur Dur. Molly Ringwald. Twin Peugeots. From Day 1 Aww Yea. Pop A Rubberband. Ayy Ladies. Ride Like That. Party Time. That Feeling. Bring It Back. Make It Rain. Bounding Like Whoa. Do The Dash. Thirty Bands. Curtis Snow Speaks. Be There. When You Gon Let Me?

Best Friend. Greedy Love. So Blowed. Spend It. Kevin Hart Speaks. Roll One Up. Playboy Tre Skit. Hell Of A Night. Yeah Yeah. GMB Intro. Faircrest Heights Interlude. Can't Help It. Black Acura. No Superman. It's All Love. Lap of Lux Now You Do. They Hate It. Take It To The Floor. Good Sushi. In The Loop. The Best. If It Ain't Foreign. The Clique. You Know What. Ocho Cinco. Devil Wants My Soul. State Of Mind. Last of the Real. Weed Skit. Triple Double.

Tic Toc. Hip Hop. Dance Move. Only If For A Night. Thrilla In Manilla. Thoughts From A Balcony. Aliens Fighting Robots. Fight The Feeling. The Mourning After. The Question. The Idea of Beautiful Motivation. How Does It Feel. Precious Wings. Believe Me. The Drums. Kind of Love. Good Good Love. In the Town.

Half-Past, VOTD: LSD (Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo) - “Genius”

Roundtable Discussion. The Cards. Come Home.

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  • When I Have You. Beautiful Music. White Christmas White Christmas Intro. Anti Social. All Birds Keymix. Love Bands. Karate Keymix. Baby Keymix. Concrete Jungle. Holy Water Keymix. Love Sosa Keymix. Prize Fighter. Dope Boy Hands Up. Red Lipstick. All Gold Everything Keymix. Fuk You Pay Me.

    The Love. Love Affair. Futuristic Funk. Now Or Neva. Professional Money Getta. Bruce Wayne. XXL Freshmen Freestyle. XXL Freestyle. Pranks 4 Players. The Miller Family Reunion. All That. Extra Extra. Face The Facts. Get It Again. Uhh Most Dope. A Different World King.

    See You Again. Coming Home. Get Up. Donald Trump. Oy Vey. Wear My Hat.

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    All Around The World. Down The Rabbit Hole. In the Air. Play Ya Cards. She Said. Keep Floatin. BDE Bonus. Blue Slide Park English Lane.

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    Blue Slide Park. Party on 5th Ave. PA Nights. Frick Park Market. Smile Back. Under The Weather. Of The Soul. My Team. Up All Night. Hole in My Pocket. Diamonds And Gold. Missed Calls. Man In The Hat. Loud remix. Of The Soul Remix. One Last Thing. Party On Fifth Ave. People Under The Stairs. Willie Dynamite. The Scoop On Heaven. Love Lost. Cold Feet. Family First. Boom Bap Rap. Just A Kid. All This. Bani Pula. Zi, Noapte. Holla At Somebody. Man Purses. You Make Me Feel.

    Fool Like Me. Anything For Love. Middle Finger. Disaster Boy. You Belong to Me Electro mix. Anything for Love Cobra Starship mix. You Make Me Feel Futurecop remix. On And On. Peanut Butter and Swelly Cameras. The Whistle Song. Too Much Soul. Baby Roulette. Guinness Flow. Jacuzzi Lost In The Vapors. High As the Ceiling. Always On My Grizzly. Dancing with the DJ Remix. Nobody Has It Down. All Over. Child Celebrity. So What. Something About You. Three Blind Mice. Population Control Population Control.

    Play The Game. Groupie Love. New York, New York. Sam Jack. Never A Dull Moment. Smoke On. The High Life. Half Moon Part. Harlem Blues. Damn Right. Play the Game. Population Control Album Art. Rare DJ Pimp Freestyle.

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    The Glide. Sleeping in Class Forever. Get Through. Loved Then Alone. Go Ahead. Euphoria II. And Ever. The Weight of the World Theory. Can I Live. Thank H. R Now Black Girl Jedi. So Be It. Black Diamonds. Star Warz. Band Practice Pt. Streets of Music. Hearing the Melody. Never Stop Loving You. One Night. No Pretending. Band Practice. The Dream. Get Em Up. Nikes On My Feet. Senior Skip Day. The Spins. Traffic In the Sky. Paper Route. Good Evening. Ride Around. Knock Knock. Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza. All I Want Is You. Face in the Crowd. La La La La. Return of the B-Girl The Intro. Cherry on Top.

    Sour Hour So Gone. Blunt of my Mind. Doobie Ashtray 2K Party in the USA remix. The Underclassmen Hands Up. I Need A Dollar. Raising The Bar. Do Me. My Cloud. Wont Let You Go. Ready To Go. Bluer Skies. What Good Am I. Brim Low. Musical Chairs. Live Free. Jerome Weinberg Speaks Interlude. Class President. A Million Dollars. Fly In Her Nikes. The Finer Things. Cruise Control. One of a Kind. Castle Made Of Sand. Just My Imagination. Another Night. Thanks for Coming Out. Pen Game. Sound Like. PA Hustla. What Up Cousin. Got A Clue. Get It On The Floor. Late Night. Swing Set. Love My Name.

    Snap Back. The Chow Line. A Night In The Studio. My Lady. Keep Me Alive. So Far To Go. The Flying V. Tunnel Vision. Reset Button. She Go, I Go. Falling Awake. Vizzy Zone. Best Is Yet To Come. Nevermind Unreleased Remix. Come Around. Get Mines. In Love With This Bud. Js On My Feet. My Biography. Smoke Signals. Take Me to Paradise. Grand Hustle Cypher. The West Coast Cypher. Back of the Class Live My Life.

    Barter 7 Brand New Day. Get It On My Own. On My Own. Change of Plans Strip Show. Craft Singles All For It. Universal Studios. De Vuelta a Casa Volvi a Casa. Duck Butter Vol. February 30th Big Spender. Sweet Gidget. Million Dollar Dreams Potent Poems. NoDOZ 10 Pints. Swimming artist: Mac Miller Programs. Unreleased Alien. Am I Dreaming. Black Sunshine. Blow Ur House Down. Click Click. Make Me Say. Midnight Circus. More Than Friends. No Hands. On My Level. Rain On Me. Sex Tape Push Rewind.

    Talk Talk. The House We Built. Tip Toe. Tongue Tied. Traces Original Version. Vroom Vroom. Zombie I Just Wanna Dance. Black And Blues. Gucci Gucci. Out Of This World. Yard Sale Explicit Version. Untitled Small Worlds Cover. Thee Battle! Tha World Iz Mine. Other Songs "Jealous". A Song About Nothing Remix. All The Time. Always Been. Another Face In The Crowd. Apparition Remix. Around The World. Atom Bomb. Auf und ab. Barz 4 Dayz. Barz for Dayz. Benji The Dog. Best Day Ever.

    BigBoyTV Freestyle. Blog Is Hot. Born on Halloween. Born On Halloween Snippet. Boyfriend Remix. California Highway. Camp Fire. Class Acts. Claymation - bonus. Come Back to Earth. Completely Transparent. Creatures of the Night. Cruise Control feat. Wiz Khalifa. Soul Theory. Higgins, Mac Miller, Blink Dat Good Sound Instrumental.

    Death Of The Emcee. Definition Of Cool. Diablo Mac Miller Remix. Dig That. DJ Pimp Freestyle. Dog Pound. Take a look at the cities mentioned below.

    Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak's "Dang!" Started With a DM

    Headquarters: Mr. Bio: Justin Aswell is a member of the live performance Charlotte-based hip-hop trio Mr. Widely considered a pioneer in the emerging field of live drum machine performance, Justin Aswell recently starred in an educational series, teaching drum machine performance techniques for Dubspot Electronic Music Production and DJ School in New York, NY. Aswell is a classically trained musician who holds a degree in percussion performance from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Invisible Facebook Profile. The celebration of money, the celebration of nice things, the celebration of making it to your next level.

    Simply put, the Queen City Fly District is the celebration of the party life. The Queen City Fly District is for those hip-hop heads who make it a top weekend priority to have a fun night out in the city. The Queen City Fly have to make sure they make it through their nightlife checklist:. Headquarters: Hood Supastar Ent. In an AllHipHop. Bettie Grind: The Carolinas is no different than any other new market. The Carolinas hold a lot of stars outside of me. I work every day to expose that. The radio stations and DJs are doing a much better job in the Carolinas, too. But it will take a lot more from us as a whole.

    We need all the DJs playing Carolina records in regular rotation. Some do, but we need them all to. We need radio to keep doing what they are doing, but as we grow, hopefully they will grow with us. Also, we definitely need the fans to buy the music. There is no way we can make it without sales, shows, spins, and play. We have to create our own self-sufficient music industry, and then we all can eat and make the fans happy.

    I am where am because my team believes in me, and they have since day one, even when no one else believed in me. The artist, the fan, the DJ , and radio — we are the answer to the Carolinas success! Placing the CLT rap city tac on the hip-hop map is in our hands. Dope article! With the uncommon concentration of talent in this city, and old school hip-hop icons moving to Charlotte in increasing numbers, it is only a matter of time before the QC scene becomes noticed on a global level.

    Mac Miller - Self Care

    Lol Choch!! Wtf I had no idea this guy made music. You are missing a very, very talented individual in your lineup named Lenox pronounced Len Ox. You will be glad you got the scoop first. I would like to take you up on the offer for more info and samples about Lenox. I can be reached at kiamoore cltblog. I would like to take you up on your offer to take up my offer.

    I will be in touch very soon, thanks in advance. Real Talk. Props to Aswell. Rap and hip hop call it whatever you want is nothing but garbage which denegrates women and glorifies violence and foul language. Of all the things I hate I hate rap more than anything else. Universal has a lengthy history in the area, with music videos and shows at every venue. He is also with No Question Music Group. Glad to see the scene get some light though, peace. Universal no Phd lol people please stop saying doctor is definitely dope, and a really humble dude.

    As a writer who covers Charlotte hiphop regularly, I think Kia did an excellent job identifying some of the different factions and subgenres popular in the city, and who is leading them. It is what creates the unity I referred to in my comment above. Do your research!