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Recently however, I noticed that whenever I reach a certain amount of data used estimated at 5gb — I download a lot of things online , I get disconnected and I can only get it back after my one day promo registration is over. New cap? I think there might be some kind of undistinguished Data cap here. Although in my case, I do not get any disconnection. I kept complaining say SmartBro Hotline, though they reverse it naman. I kept asking them, wala daw talagang data capping.

Though nag download ako less than 1GB pa lang until it stops. Maybe may FUP na rin Sila. Any updates? Kaso true na after using it for some time, mga movies siguro. Nagdidisconnect siya tapos ayaw magconnect until maexpire na yung promo.

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This is annoying. Buti nalang mura lang ang SIM sa atin…. Unless bumili ka from a distributor mgssend sila ng UnliSurf no data cap. Tanong ko lang po kung working pa din yung unlisurf promo ng smart? Yeah if there is a gb per day data cap for p50 i think that is really good considering for here!!


I use Smart for my phone. Then register it to an unli data. Nice post! I really appreciate how some of us Pinoys manages their time and effort to help others and share there own experience. Last 3 days ago I bought a Smart Bro prepaid sim from a local store near our place. I asked which carrier on their perspective is the best. I live in a condo and man, carrier signals here in our place jams way to bad specially for sun and globe. The funny thing is, my second day I continued to download files and apps for my phone and guess what..

The same thing happened. Hi Nap, thank you for your comment! But GB a day is not bad already for around P Do you recommend getting an P85 2-day LTE promo vs a longer one like 15 days or 30 days? The advantage of a short promo is that if you ever reach the cap, you can just register again after it expires in a few days and go on living merrily. Hi nag try ako ng bigbytes 70 for one week and has 1gb data pero Hindi naabot ng 1 week 5 days lang Hindi naman ako internet heavy user sana po nextym m exact na talaga para sulit naman tnx.

So, how do send from my globe regular mobile prepaid phone directly over to my Tattoo for Supersurf? Wait for the confirmation message, then put the SIM back into the pocket wifi. Method 2: You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to connect to your pocket wifi There should be an area there where you can see messages or SMS. My Huawei has this tab. You can send and receive SMS using this interface, and probably do the reloading and registering this way. I just avoid it altogether to prevent any lost load incidents. To make it easier to send load to another number, check out getting a GCash account or a Smart Money account — you can keep money in there just like a paypal account.

I prefer this instead of doing pasaload. There are rebates and discounts when using GCash or Smart Money to buy load. Registered last month on my smart bro, LTE Since SIMS are programmed to reach the nearest cell towers and all. All Philippine mobile networks are now imposing data capping.

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This online store is selling Smart UnliSurf unlimited internet 1-day, 7-day, day and day subscriptions. Check it out. Just enrolled to unlisurf 7 days and got a reply from Smart that I was able to successfully register. The reply also stated that their unlisurf will be available only until November 10, It seems that they are planning to discontinue offering the unlisurf.

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Yes, unfortunately, they are discontinuing unlisurf. But they said they will be replacing it with Surfmax. So far, no details yet on the important things we want to do know about Surfmax — does it have data caps, is it unlimited, throttled, etc? My current unlidata plan in smart will unfortunately end for the next two days.. So i was thinking maybe i could use a prepaid account pra makaregister sa unlisurf nila. Curious lng ako if pwede ba mag register sa LTE promo even if 4G lng yun pocket wifi ko? Any suggestion for this? I am just renting and I need constant internet connection esp that my boyfriend and mga kapatid ko nasa abroad.

The only way for me to get in touch with them. My minimum data consumption in a day would be 1. This is the answer to your data needs.

Luckily it resets daily and not monthly? But anyway, 5GB per day is a very high cap! Anyway, some people have been recommending just cycling through several SIMS and just subscribing to 1 day promos instead. Try this. Hello Joy, wala ng Unlisurf. Pinalitan na ng Smart, ginawang Surfmax.

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Hi Jemuel, not sure. Some people have said that they are still able to register to Unli And lastly, from SmartBro, di ako makapagsend ng Pasaload sabi not enough load pero may load naman ako. Hi, officially, wala ng Unlisurf. But some people say that they have been able to subscribe to Unlisurf No idea at all. Si God nang bahala sa inyo. Supersurf q Nag unsubscrive aq kse ang bgal na..

Pano ibalik un! Grabe nmn globe! Same here. Subscribed to supersurf for 8gb. I have consumed 3gb based from my data calculator.

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