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Next, we format the USB flash drive , this will become the bootable Lion installer:.

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Now that the USB flash drive has been formatted to the appropriate filesystem, we are going to restore the previously mounted InstallESD. From here you can format, restore from backups, or reinstall Lion. This process should work with a standard external USB hard drive too, but I have not tried that specifically. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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My Macbook pro not boot and goes to online backup but after backup not working just show white page what can i do. I purchased OS X Lion from the App store and now it will not download onto my computer in order for me to turn my flash drive into a bootable installer. There is no InstallESD. No SharedSupport folder at all. What do I do. It des not shie the restore option. Only Help Unmount Eject Reveal. I followed all these steps, when I finally plugged it into the computer and selected the usb key just like in the image above I got a black screen with a white flashing line in the top left corner.

Any ideas what went wrong or how to fix this? So i just installed a fresh copy of Lion, and I can access my files from my backup from my External HD at a later date, can copy them over, etc. Thanks very much OSX Daily people; i had to restore my dual boot of Lion and Yosemite to a clean install of Yosemite after some fan issues causing my fans to spin too much.

At least i can take it in and tell them that now, because i need Lion on the drive to access old programmes and files. Only complication might be that the back up on the HDD will be too big for the partition drive of GB… i think the backup is something like GB. Can you confirm before i go ahead, something? If i install Lion and try and back up to the GB Lion partition, will it fail due to lack of space, or ….

If i have to partition the drive to allow for GB plus, that would only leave me 50GB for Yosemite. Which to be honest, i would rather. I prefer Lion. Yosemite is a bit flashy, and kinda crap IMO. My ext 1tb will not un mount, I got it going for a moment, due to bad permission in aperture , it wen funny again. The drive shows folders but no files, , I cannot partition it or do I want to?

Mac OSX - Create a ISO from CD/DVD

No as my 9 years of photos are on it, Now , I have the lion ox Your external hard drive might be failing if it will not mount or be visible in Disk Utility, making a boot installer is not going to help that situation. If the data is important, take it to a data recovery expert. Apple Store could be helpful, but data recovery may be a better option. The machine will not boot up. My hope is to download Lion to an external drive, and then boot the Macbook Air from the external drive. Perhaps a clean re-install of Lion, … whatever works. The files were on the stick so, after zapping pram, it has now started up and is reinstalling Lion.

Create a bootable USB stick on macOS | Ubuntu tutorials

Anyone got an idea what is wrong here? The system is an Intel CPU so thats not it. The only thing that is slightly different is when I made the disk the step that says Right-Click then restore, I do not get that option only the top 4, so I used the Restore Tab is this the problem? Though About. I had a copy of the Lion installer, […]. Spot on, many thanks. I just wanted to confirm that this works perfectly with Mountain Lion too. I was having problems trying to restore the DMG directly, and mounting it first and restoring the contained disc image is what I had to do.

I only have one Mac Macbook Pro.

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I purchased Lion with my brothers Apple ID. He forgot his password to his ID and any forms of recovering it and my macbook is stuck on the Recovery boot screen. Is there any possible way to do this on a windows computer but for a Mac boot? But each time I reboot holding down the Option key, the USB 32 gig flash drive fails to be listed in the available drives. Then the regular hard drive options appear.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the drive is formatted just as it should be. One partition, GUID. Question: Is there a way to run a complete Desktop Version of Lion Rather than simply running the Lion Installer? It is very likely that your usb cannot be used as a bootable unit. I suggest trying a different usb drive.

Worked like a charm. I was needing to do a clean install. The upgrade made things horribly slow, and no amount of maintenance would correct it. Anyone have any idea whats wrong????? Hi just one quick question does this method saves me from having to access the internet to download Lion after booting from the USB? So I would like and option to install the Lion entirely from a USB without having to access the internet at all.!!!! Dudes, how i erase the partition of the mac os x lion installer of my flash usb? I have a Mac Air gifted by son. I am almost a dummy, with only very limited proficiency in mac.

Son upgraded the OS to Lion free as it was allowed. It is running OK. This blows. I will keep plugging away. I was wondering if this can work if you have the Mountain Lion Can you reinstall Lion if your system has Mountain Lion Guys i got a problem, my mac sistem frozed, it wont start. Anyone knows if there is a way to make one bootable usb for mac in windows? So what would it take to get you to put that Tech support there suggested I find someone like you who has Men, and later how i erase the partition?

If you open App Store and click Updates, you can update your Lion installer to version 1. It replaces your copy if you allowed it to self-erase at installation. But using the InstallESD. That is cool. Yeah, I just stumbled on that too… If you go into the App Store and click on Updates you can update your Lion installer to version 1. Using the InstallESD. That is cool!

This procedure needs to be updated for Lion OS Additionally, Disk Utility This took me a while to notice, and it was right in front of my face. Updating your USB stick to I find that an 8GB stick works best, and will allow for file size growth which may be inevitable in future OS updates. Hope this helps! Great that is what I was looking for!! I also created a partition in my hard drive and used your method to create a restore point thank you. Also if i included back up DVDs when i sell one will the buyer be able to restore again without using a apple id or password? I have taken the same USB stick that worked earlier and is working on tests with other computer and hold option when launching to get choice of start up disk at launch….

Thumb drive is clean, readable, etc. Question is…. Should I wipe drive completely first…. Thank you very much for this explanation! I really had no clue how to do it and this is very clear. My wife has a Macbook pro with a Leopard That is to say, not a clean install…. I hope this is not mentioned already.

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Thanks a bunch! Instructions for that can be found here. Once you are done getting the installer on your media of choice, run the installer just like […]. Hey I was a dumb dumb, and bought the usb key knowing of ability to clone dvd snow leopard , and wanting a fresh install thought I was smart. Also Lion usb actually reads as a dvd. I have both downloaded and installed Lion and it is up and running but I cannot find the quoted file nor do I see a file in the download folder suggesting a. If you follow these instructions you will be able to download the updated Not one has booted.

Hold down the power button until the computer shuts off…etc. Hi all… We developed a standred application project. Thanks in advance zeedenmark. So, short of making sure you only have a disk breakdown when in range of a fast Internet connection, you might still want to make your own installer stick. Is there a way to resume from where I left off or I have start all over again! I think this is the absolute worst way to distribute a software of 3. Another option would be to find a copy of "InstallESD.

This will not require an Internet […]. I have made my lion sd card but when I boot it it says lion cannot be installed please try an reinstall. Just an endless loop. Or will you only be able to perform A clean install with this? Yes if all you want is a Recovery Disk, but this method shows you how to create an installer USB drive, which allows you to perform a fresh OS X Lion installation without accessing the internet. Also without doing a clean install,. Backup your songs and pictures beforehand, of course. As others have stated you MUST exit the installer after the app downloads.

Simply go to the upper left menu and QUIT it. Also, for those still questioning it…. Be advised however that this is not a choice when running the installer. Now ….. Note that this will not be possible if you buy Lion from the App Store — when you click to buy it immediately starts downloaded if you already have an App Store account with a designated credit card.

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When the download is finished, hours later! Because if the installation does ahead, the. As a result, I am having to download the OS a second time for another machine instead of doing it the easy way! Thanks for the tip, I just downloaded the app from torrent. I wana know about the registration or serial number! It may be that installation is tied to your Apple ID used to install the disk. Apple […]. Apple hasn't said […]. I want to create a bootable installer from the existing system. I also recommend installing Lion from scratch, since lots of apps are still not fully compatible with the new cat.

Speaking of incompatibility, a […]. A variant on the question. I have a copy of the dmg file on a DVD made before install. Tried this and now i am in the middle of no where. Just lost os and now it just goes straight to recovery and that also does not re install lion : any ways working on it should be able to find a solution :. Can I use this to do a clean install after I have upgraded to Lion… because when i try this — the system just hangs.

Have waited for as long as an hour for this to move. It does not. Yes you can perform a clean install from the bootable USB drive. Just format the disk first using the built in Disk Utility and then install as usual. How do you create a copy of lion after you have already installed it? The installed.

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And yet thanks to you, we all can do this for a whole lot cheaper!!!!! Thanks A Million!!!!! The information option confirmed it was the right format. What worked? Using THAT option, dragging source from desktop, destination the thumb drive to destination it started restoring. Am I the only having this error when I try to start the install? After I did, I followed these instructions and I copied Lion to a flash drive so that I could perform a clean install on my MacBook instead of […].

Can you tell me why you should mount the dmg before the restore? The walkthrough explains why, it just makes it easier.

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You are welcome to copy the DMG file as well. Tolerable on a smartphone, but not so easy — oddly enough — on the desktop. Make a bootable Mac OS X How big does the partition have to be for the Lion installer? Someone in the comments said the DMG actually contains 4. I want to use the other partition for recovery tools and installers. Yes it gets removed after Lion has been upgraded, that is why you must copy or move the file prior to upgrading the primary source Mac. Thank you Matt for answering my question.

I also installed before copying the installESD. I found that if you hold down the Option key and click on the installed button you can actually redownload. However, attempting to find the installESD. I think you need to update the instructions to tell people that they need to save the installer file after download but BEFORE installing it. You should update the post to mention this… sigh — off to download it on another Mac and blow some bandwidth. Only one question, can I make this work and still keep my Flash drive for holding my crap on?

Or do I need to make a partition in the first place? Will I have to wipe the whole thing to start with? If you do the method in the original post, putting it on a USB flash drive, will this not require the mac app store user account to verify it and get future updates, as if it was bought on a disc in the first place?

I just downloaded Lion and installed on my first macbook. Then I found this article.

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  • Any help? It existed before installing Lion. Why is this procedure necessary to accomplish the objective installing Lion on all of my computers without several downloads. Very sorry for the post above. I now see you have updated the instructions to be an 8Gb flash. Follow instructions from the manual for more details. Please, ask questions and report bugs in the Forums. We will not answer questions about personal situations by email. You can contact us but please use the Forums for technical and general questions. Bootable USB. Here are the most important pages: For the impatient: Quick start guide : please read this if this is the first time you are using this system recovery cd.

    Network tools Samba, NFS, ping, nslookup, … : to backup your data across the network Browse the short system tools page for more details about the most important software included. Advanced uses SystemRescueCd is available for blind people. Notes specific to using speakup in SystemRescueCD are available on the speakup info page It is possible to make customized versions of the system. For this reason, a DMG is often the file format used to store compressed software installers instead of having to use a physical disc.

    You'll most likely only see them when downloading Mac OS software from the internet. This macOS disk image format supports compression, file spanning, and encryption, so some DMG files might be password protected. A DMG file is "mounted" as a drive and is treated by the operating system as if it were a physical hard drive , making it really easy to view its contents.

    The software you download for your Mac in a DMG format can be opened like any other file on a Mac, and then the setup program can be run to install the software. A DMG file can certainly be opened in Windows, but that doesn't mean you can actually use anything you find within it. For example, say a DMG file isn't just storing compressed files like images and videos but is instead holding a software program. You can extract, or open, the DMG file in Windows using one of the programs mentioned below, but you can't actually execute the program and use it like you would another Windows application.