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Jan 27, PM. Jan 27, PM in response to lizdance40 In response to lizdance The only way that would make sense is if the Air carried two seperate Wifi modules; one for 2. I've confirmed it is a specific device s - the airs - doing this, as I've tested this on a isolated test network I have.

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Sep 5, AM. I Discovered the exact same thing using "Fing" same issue on my home router and work router , and after some searching around, I discovered that the other WiFi Mac address was not the Blutooth Mac address like so many think it is, but is really the WiFi Mac address from my old iPhone 4S I upgraded to the iPhone SE. Sep 1, PM. Well, I've discovered the problem. Apparently, Fing remembers all Mac addresses it has seen for a particular Router.

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  • It sort of keeps an image of all devices that have been previously connected to it. It seems here that it paired my iPhone device name with two different Mac addresses, my new current SE, and my old one the 4s. I used the exact device name for both.

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    I had also assigned the new iPhone the exact static IP address on my router. The solution was to remove the mac address and static IP address for my old 4S from the router and assign it to the mac address of my new SE, and then go into Fing, rescan. Now the new mac address showed as the primary the SE , an the old mac address and device name were greyed out.

    Sep 3, PM. Thanks for following up; the problem was Fing, not the phone.

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    I hadn't noticed that "feature" of Fing, but now that I look I see the same thing. I was going to mention an alternate possibility: When a iPhone is searching for a network it publishes a bogus MAC address so the phone can't be tracked by its address unless you actually connect to the network. If you tap to connect it switches to the correct MAC address. Yes exactly, the problem is "Fing" and not the router or the phone.

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    The same thing happens on the router at work. You should be able to see the interface name and the corresponding MAC address. OS X comes with tools that can help. Read More , and also displays information about the current network. As discussed earlier, each network card has its own MAC address. Changing a MAC address is a pretty simple process.

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    Be aware that the change will only last until you restart your Mac , at which point the old MAC address will be in use again. You can always run the commands below to change your MAC whenever you want. Before we begin, make sure to disconnect from any Wi-Fi networks. To do so, hold the Option key and click on the Wi-Fi menu bar icon. To generate a random MAC address , open Terminal and enter the following command:.

    This will generate a random hex number that you can use as your MAC address. Select this number and copy it.

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    If you want to use an existing MAC address, you should skip this step. If your account is password protected, it will prompt you to enter your password. After entering the correct password, your MAC address should be successfully changed. Using the procedure mentioned above, you can quickly change the MAC address of your Mac. If you'd like to give it a try before the general release, here's how to get your hands on it now. Also, if you experiencing any troubles, let us know in the comments below. Explore more about: Mac Tricks , Online Privacy.

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