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Apple has not released a specific time or date, but many analysts expect Mountain Lion to be launched to the public within the next two weeks. Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac. Here's a breakdown of all of the new features coming in Mountain Lion:.

Endnote X4/X5 and Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion?

Messages is essentially iMessage for the Mac. As with iMessage, users can also send rich text, photos, contacts, locations, and even p HD video to their friends. The Notification Center solved this annoyance by making notifications into small bars that appeared at the top of the device's screen momentarily, and those incoming notifications also did not interrupt the user's activities. Apple wants its users to stay up-to-date across all of their devices, which is why the company added the Notification Center to the Mac in OS X Mountain Lion.

By swiping the Mac trackpad with two fingers from right to left, the Mac Notification Center appears on the right side of the screen.

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Notifications from apps like Messages, Game Center, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, and other downloadable third-partyapps from the Mac App Store will tell you when there's something you should see. Like the iOS Notification Center system, users can choose which apps they want alerts from, and users can easily hide the Notification Center with a simple swipe. Users could tweet photos, links, locations and webpages effortlessly.

In less than a year, this platform has become huge for both Apple and Twitter: iOS 5 users sent more than 10 billion tweets since the platform went live in October. Just like iOS 5, a Tweet Sheet pops up, with a paper clip over any attached image or website, and the user can write their message, add a location if they want, and send it out from there. It's simple, clean, and fast. Now, after signing into their account just once, users will be able to share content -- text, links and photos -- onto their or others' Walls, sync their Contacts with their profile photos from Facebook, and receive notifications over the Notification Center.

In Mountain Lion, Apple is bringing many of the best features from the mobile experience to the Mac.

OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion Golden Master DOWNLOAD

But Apple has also learned from its rivals: Like Google Chrome, the new version of Safari will include just one search bar for web addresses and search terms. Other than that, the experience looks just like iOS: Tab View allows you to see your webpages in open tabs, which can be swiped to switch between them. But one of the best features of the new Safari on Mountain Lion is the ability to read pages from your Reading List without an Internet connection.

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Until this point, Mac users made do with an app called Stickies, which allowed them to create virtual multi-colored sticky notes and place them all over the computer screen. This app, while fulfilling a need for notetakers, had no way to search the notes or organize them efficiently. The new Notes application on the Mac takes after the app with the same name on the iPhone and iPad, which lets users create and search notes in a clean and easy-to-use interface. On the Mac, however, users will also get a chance to add photos, movies and links to their notes, as well as rich text, bullet points and formatted lists.

For those users that will miss Stickies, Apple also allows anyone to tear the note right out of the Notes app and stick it anywhere on their desktop for easy access. With the introduction of Game Center on iOS 5, Apple allowed users to create accounts, keep track of their awards and achievements in games, and even compete with friends, or find friends to compete with.

Purchasing and downloading Mountain Lion

But then, Apple thought: Why should iOS have all the fun? Microsoft's analogous status is "release to manufacturing," or RTM.

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In Apple's case, OS X Apple has not yet nailed down a price for Mavericks or pinned its release date to something more specific than "this fall. However, Apple has a habit of launching its OS X upgrades on Wednesday, a pattern it used in the last two iterations. If it stuck to that day of the week, it would probably debut Mavericks on Oct. Coincidentally or not, that's around the same time -- again going by Apple past practice -- that the Cupertino, Calif.

How to Perform a Clean Install of macOS Sierra

Apple first unveiled Mavericks in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference, where it highlighted a handful of new features and tools, including Finder tabs -- for collecting several file manager windows into one view -- file tagging and improved support for multiple monitors. Mavericks will also include OS X versions of the iOS Maps and iBooks apps, and a slew of app, memory and disk management features that the company claimed will result in longer notebook battery life and better performance on all Macs. OS X Mavericks' GM weighs in at more than 5GB, a size that will prevent customers with dial-up connections from grabbing it, and will make it difficult for those whose Internet providers aggressively meter their bandwidth.

In previous years, Apple has said customers can bring their Mac notebooks to any Apple retail store and use the free Wi-Fi network there to download upgrades. Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

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