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The answer is to protect your worksheet from other users so that he or she cannot make any changes, deletion, moving of data in a worksheet. But in some conditions, like if you have team member and any member, and he or she wants to add data in the specific cell and want to keep it secret so that no one can make a modification.

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But if you want to make certain parts to be editable by others then you can protect specific part of the cells via the password protected excel. How this password protect excel feature helps. This is not a security measure but it prevents users from making any modification. You need to protect your workbook from the user so that the other user cannot make a modification, addition, copying, and hiding the sheets. To let the other user make changes in your password protected excel file, you need to type the password and then click ok.

Retype the password to make it confirm. While choosing a password you need to make sure that it is easy for you to remember.

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Freeze a Row in Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel can freeze, or lock, a top row as you scroll down the worksheet. For example, you may need to keep the top row of column titles visible at all times. The "View" tab on the command ribbon contains the "Freeze Panes" button in the "Window" group. Open the Excel worksheet. Click the top row heading. The row heading displays a number just left of the first column of cells. The selected row appears shaded. Click the "View" tab on the command ribbon. Click the "Freeze Panes" button in the "Window" group.

A list of options appears.

How to freeze rows and columns in Excel

Click the "Freeze Top Row" option. A black horizontal line appears on the worksheet. This line indicates the locked row that stays on the screen as you scroll down the worksheet. The Freeze Panes feature of Excel allows you to freeze the labels of your data in place while you review the data. Follow the instructions in Section 1 to freeze the top row or the left column. Freeze multiple rows, multiple columns, or rows and columns, by following the instructions in Section 2.

You have now frozen the columns or rows, or columns and rows you designated. Hi, I believe you're asking about 'freezing panes' Select the cell that is below the left-most column heading that you wish to see. Then under the Window menu, select Freeze Panes. In here you have 3 options, first one does exactly the same thing as the one from older versions, second one freezes the top row and the last one freezes the first column. So select the cell that is one column to the right and one cell below the column you want to freeze.

Why Can't I Freeze Panes in Excel for Mac? (2011)

So if you want to freeze the A column From row 1 - 35, select B Get it?? Took me forever, but i figured it out!!! I still have no clue how you could freeze a header row as well, but this is enough for me. I just figured it out, actually by accident!

Freeze the first column

Click Window, then look through the drop down until you see UnFreeze Panes Note that the problem will be fixed if you click UnFreeze Panes, if indeed our problem was the same. Not finding what you are looking for? Open Questions: 0 Answers I canceled my membership with checkpeople. My membership expires on July 17th. I have paid. I cant log in to my account.

Can I just take out a fuse? If not can i bypass the fiber optics loop with a loop bypass? Either way please let me know where the fuse is located or where the teleaid is located to put the loop bypass on it. Can I be mailed one? Please reply. Occasionally you will need to add a picture to a spreadsheet, or someone will send you a spreadsheet with pictures in it. But if you need to move a row or column that contains pictures, you will probably run into a problem where the data in the row or column moves, but the pictures do not.

How to Hide Cells in Excel for Mac OS X

Fortunately you can adjust this behavior by locking a picture to a cell in Excel Our guide below will show you how to modify your spreadsheet picture to achieve this result. The steps in this article were written for and performed on the Excel version of the software, for the Mac. The steps are similar for Windows versions.

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You can read here to learn about locking pictures to cells in Excel Step 3: Resize the row and column so that the picture is contained entirely within the cell.