Mac os x system tools

Simply perfect. Besides its natural language entry method for creating new events, and its design, its simplicity of use makes this software a must-have for everyone. ClipMenu helps you manage your clipboard history without any hassle. You can specify when specific groups of snippets should expand, and you have the ability to include so many variables that one little snippet could, potentially, create a unique letter or document.

It doesn't overwhelm users with a dozens of keyboard shortcuts, yet it offers a perfect balance between keyboard and trackpad interactivity. Once you get more than 10 or so apps running up there, your menu bar starts to look crowded, and that's when Bartender will help you sort things up.

Top 5 utilities that every new Mac user needs

RescueTime free : One of my favorite utilities, RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. Alfred free : Best known as an application launcher, Alfred offers also the ability for users to create powerful automatic workflows that can be launched with an assigned keyboard shortcut. CleanMyMac cleans out user and system cache files, user logs, broken preferences, foreign language files, forgotten system log files, and other stuff that may be taking up memory space.

Trust me. DiskWarrior is an insanely powerful recovery solution, but for basic file recovery all three work, including recovery of data from external drives. Noticed how some applications consume so much RAM your Mac moves like a geriatric possum? One way to fix this is to relaunch the memory-consuming app, the other is to use Memory Clean or Dr.

IT toolbox for Mac OS X

Both will optimize your RAM to maximize available memory, while Dr. Cleaner will also clean the disk and check for large files. To help yourself use f. Monolingual removes the international language support files installed by default on OS X, reclaiming several hundred megabytes of space.

Server Admin Tools

Losing your images, music and other precious digital things is how almost every Mac user learns why they should back up. You will be glad you got iFax each time you need to send or receive a fax.

If you already use the rapidly improving DuckDuckGo for search and you should then you should also look at Little Snitch and Ghostery. Ghostery lets you control all the zillions of cookies ads firms install on your Mac, while Little Snitch lets you monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic so you can control your privacy. NordVPN provides a fast, utterly private, encrypted virtual private network for completely secure Internet access on Macs and iOS devices. If privacy matters to you, you need this.


It handles all your Mac maintenance routines and provides numerous useful features to maximize performance. When you install them many applications also put necessary Library and other files in place that consume lots of space on your Mac.

To find large and duplicate files use OmniDiskSweeper , the industry standard tool for the job. Server Assistant is primarily used for the set up of Xserve systems without an attached display. The Server Admin application is for remote administration of one or more servers.

5 Network Scanner Utilities and Tools for Mac OS X

Server Monitor is for the remote monitoring and management of one or more Xserve systems. Use Workgroup Manager to remotely manage users, groups, and computer accounts in advanced server deployments. The Xgrid Admin application allows administrators to remotely manage clusters and monitor the activity of controllers, agents, and the status of jobs on the grid.

The QuickTime Broadcaster application can be used to capture live audio and video streams and transmit them to QuickTime Streaming Server for redistribution.