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You should make your own character i think. The copyleft character is not a Unicode symbol that's why you cannot find it. The best I could offer you is to create your own character.

As a footnote, following the tutorial at the link I posted I was able to create the copyleft symbol FROM the copyright symbol and save it to my character map in just a few minutes. But you need to read all of the tutorial as the section on copying symbols is towards the end. What I did was to copy and insert the copyright symbol, then rotate it degrees. I knew the that there is no unicode 4 that.

Buti got a question in a Cyber Bet After receiving Smith's suggestion, Tait and James Clerk Maxwell referred to the operator as nabla in their extensive private correspondence; most of these references are of a humorous character.

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It was probably this reluctance on the part of Maxwell to use the term Nabla in serious writings which prevented Tait from introducing the word earlier than he did. The one published use of the word by Maxwell is in the title to his humorous Tyndallic Ode, which is dedicated to the "Chief Musician upon Nabla," that is, Tait.

William Thomson Lord Kelvin introduced the term to an American audience in an lecture; [2] the notes were published in Britain and the U. The name is acknowledged, and criticized, by Oliver Heaviside in [11].

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The name Nabla seems, therefore, ludicrously inefficient. Heaviside and Josiah Willard Gibbs independently are credited with the development of the version of vector calculus most popular today. The influential text Vector Analysis , written by Edwin Bidwell Wilson and based on the lectures of Gibbs, advocates the name "del": [13]. Hamilton and is now in universal employment.


There seems, however, to be no universally recognized name for it, although owing to the frequent occurrence of the symbol some name is a practical necessity. This book is responsible for the form in which the mathematics of the operator in question is now usually expressed—most notably in undergraduate physics, and especially electrodynamics, textbooks.

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The last of these uses the cross product and thus makes sense only in three dimensions; the first two are fully general. They were all originally studied in the context of the classical theory of electromagnetism, and contemporary university physics curricula typically treat the material using approximately the concepts and notation found in Gibbs and Wilson's Vector Analysis. The symbol is also used in differential geometry to denote a connection. A symbol of the same form, though presumably not genealogically related, appears in other areas, e.

Hamilton introduced this differential operator in its semi-Cartesian trinomial form on page of his Lectures and pointed out its effects on both a scalar and a vector quantity. Neither in the Lectures nor in the Elements , however, is the theory developed. It is the name of an Egyptian harp, which was of that shape.

I do not know that it is a bad name for it.

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Laplacian I do not like for several reasons both historical and phonetic. Since I have found nothing better, and I now call it Laplacian.