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Box has the IP address Box over wireless LAN:. Box and can be used as a network printer in the entire home network. Refer to the printer manufacturer for further information on how to set up the printer, for example consult the manual. AVM Search.

Box Service. Not your product? This document is also available for the following products:. Box von AVM. Box bietet vielseitige Multimedia-Funktionen.

Schnell, schneller, FRITZ!Box 7590.

Technische Daten. Superintuitiv zu bedienen, nur leider seiner Zeit weit voraus.

Fritzbox USB Drucker anschliessen und im Netzwerk einrichten

Sie kann extrem viel zb super schnelles Internet, WLan usw. Weil mir die keine wirklichen Vorteile gebracht hat, die den hohen Anschaffungspreis rechtfertigen. Die Inbetriebnahme war schnell erledigt. Die Datensicherung der in die einlesen und fertig. – Uw Router Specialist | KommaGo

Die neue Box ist in allen Belangen flinker. I had to break this out because the section isn't really about connecting to the internet, but instead about connecting to the modem. The makes it very easy and secure to access your modem remotely. Not only does it do this, but AVM actually provides a service that you can set up specifically for this purpose. In ten minutes I was able to set up a myfritz. Yes, voicemail. Anyway, the online features are easy to set up and to actually get to the modem configuration takes more than a few different passwords, for a bit of added security.

The has a built-in VPN. Now the VPN itself is not the most straightfoward thing in the world to set up, requiring a separate bit of software to configure connection profiles for that you then upload via the web interface. EDIT: I had forgotten that they did a really good job of hiding the configuration tool on the website, so here it is.

But the program itself is pretty easy to use and it really works. I think there are, because I have yet to fully look into this, but it would stand to reason there are, especially because you can easily connect two Fritz! Boxes together via VPN. Hmm, might have found a limitation of sorts.

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Or mobile. Which is odd this day and age, but as I've been able to get it to work with my Nexus it does the trick for me. Speaking of VPN, once you connect the two Fritz! Boxes via VPN you can share all kinds of services and all your phones suddenly get treated as on the same network. Last edited by DJ Bitterbarn; Jun 2, 13 at am. The is a full VOIP solution supporting multiple services simultaneously and allowing you to select dialling rules based on the dialled number. What this means is that you can plug the into your voice line if you have one and plug your phones into the Now the fun starts.

Take your VOIP provider of choice and add it to the list. Now you can set the to route all local calls over the land line and all international calls over the VOIP.

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Now say you have two VOIP accounts. One is cheap to the US, one is cheap to Europe. No problem. And, of course, if your parents have a Fritz! Got all that? The box itself is a full DECT base station so you can in theory connect your cordless phone straight to the box. What does that mean? This group is synced to the so that it pulls selected contacts from gmail and uses them as an address book.

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So okay, we have various VOIP providers dialling numbers around the world that various handsets in the house have pulled from gmail. Now add in the call-through and call diversion rules.

Bear with me, this keeps getting more complex. So call diversion is the easy one. For this, you can set where the number calls in from e. Easy enough. Then we can set up a VOIP provider to create a local number for her family to call. So now anyone calling that number will get redirected to her. Or the phone at her desk. Or her mobile. Or go to voicemail. Probably not voicemail, though. We like them.

Or, alternatively, you could set it up so that if you have a home office, any number from a known customer will only ring the office phone. Or you have your office number set to call into the on a certain connection, then you can set the call diversion rules to take any call on that number and only ring the office phone.

Now call-through. This is trickier, but even cooler. So if you have a mobile with terrible rates overseas but good rates locally, you set it up so that you can call home first, get a dialtone, and then call out overseas through the VOIP at VOIP rates. Finally, all of the answering machine and call history settings are available through the web access so you can check your messages or whatnot from remotely.

It's okay. EDIT: Just did some playing with it and found that the most recent firmware allows access to the from the internet. So it seems you can just take your favourite VOIP software and call through the I have to try this yet and I also have to try to get the app working over the vpn but it would seem you can use it from anywhere you have a LAN connection. Just like the powerline networking or WLAN extender.

Last edited by DJ Bitterbarn; Jun 6, 13 at am. So the has MB of internal storage, mostly for the answering machine but also useful as a NAS that can be accessed via the web or internal network. Of course. Pretty cool.