Google chrome update for mac os x 10.5.8

Update: Firefox 47 released June , last version I can understand Apple doing this.

Apple releases Safari 5.0.3, Safari 4.1.3

They want you to buy new hardware. Our site stats for February, which do skew toward people with older hardware, shows OS X Firefox looks like the lone holdout among the big three Mac browser makers. The Mozilla team has not announced its intention to leave behind OS X But Firefox has not! Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations.

All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. But, selfishly I'm glad Chrome is doing this because our main software product is becoming impossible to continue supporting We already planned to phase out The only reason to run Perhaps in theory, but Not if the market share for Isn't that news a bit old?

Apple's incessant need to obsolete their old operating systems is surprising to me. I would think this would hurt their overall adoption rates especially long term as people get sick of constantly upgrading their OS and dealing with any fallout that results. I for one will never run OSX again due to the constant need for upgrades. Rolling back to Although, with their popularity skyrocketing, maybe I'm the only one who has issues with new OSX versions.

If by constantly you mean one time during the last five years, then yea that would be pretty annoying. The vast majority of people have moved onto a new computer or done at least one upgrade. Updates used to be more of a pain, now you just hit purchase and wait for a little bit. If you haven't upgraded your computer in five years, you should be able to live with a browser than won't be upgraded anymore either. Apple requires Well, the last time I used OSX for daily use, it was constantly pestering me to upgrade to various point releases.

Those were usually massive downloads that required a reboot. Maybe things have changed?

I guess my experience on the upgrade treadmill even staying on a major version of OSX was very unpleasant. Or the near equivalent of punting active users and relaunching a bunch of userland processes. Apple is pretty bad at pushing binary updates, the file sizes for updates are as you mention, gigantic. But the update process is smooth, reboots are not required unless it's the system iPhoto 9. Most of the point upgrades for the system are security fixes.

Every OS has a lot of them. Java has gotten a few security related updates this year too. Constantly as in once every months? Because that's the usual rate of point updates. The alternative is what? Not having the latest stability and security fixes? JackC on Sept 21, Apple's willingness to obsolete their old tech has been the plan for a long time, and works fine for them and the higher-spending niche they're targeting.

Basically the pitch to oversimplify is: we will make technical decisions based only on supporting the last two or three years of customers. If you keep up with us, things will work great for you, because we won't be slowing things down to maintain compatibility. If you have hardware or software older than that, good luck, but it's not our problem if our new stuff doesn't work for you. The only promise is that we won't compromise the product in order to save you money.

As it happens, I'm one of those customers -- I spend more than half my waking life on computers, and I don't mind spending a little more to work with modern hardware, and to have an OS that assumes I have modern hardware. I'm not trying to glorify or demonize that -- it's just a business model targeted at a certain part of the market that likes it that way, or at least accepts the downsides in exchange for the upsides.

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Believe me, I know. Quicktime 7? I still think it's a decent approximation. I love updating my Mac. Each new version makes it better, and problems seem to be minor and rare.

New version of Google’s web browser now available

That said, yes, the hardware seems to have a shorter shelf-life than would be ideal. Your computer is, what, vintage? Thanks for the objective fact, dear sir. While that may be true w. Security, too: consider FileVault 2. Depends on your POV.

Google Drops Chrome Support for Mac OS X Leopard

Personally, I like it. Anecdotally my cousin, independently of me I might add, has just bought an 13" MBA and he seems to think it's like a breath of fresh air. Horses for courses. But, yes, whatever you are using is the best. Do you mean Because Right, Snow Leopard was a great upgrade[1]. Lion was a major downgrade. I am hoping that my sarcasm radar didn't pick this up.

Who Can Update

But, most software still runs perfectly fine on Windows XP. Since Windows XP was released in ! What rat race? I mis-spoke. I am not saying there are too many Windows updates; I am saying you are far more likely to have problems after upgrading Windows than you are a Mac. For example, I literally cannot install Windows 7 on a laptop I acquired that shipped with Windows Vista.

HP simply does not make the required drivers. It even seems the optical drive will not function correctly during a Win 7 installation attempt. There are Macs too old for the latest OS X, yes, but they are pretty old, and were able to keep up-to-date for years. I bought an ibook in and each time an upgrade was announced I chose not to purchase the upgrade none of the advertised features appealed to me.

Eventually I was not able to run safari anymore which I have never forgiven them for. In my view Apple is charging users for service packs. And why would you be? Right, I wasn't expecting so much hostility, but I'll answer the question. At the time I believe I was comparing It is doubtful that I would still be on Hungrysquirrel, have you tried Firebug Lite? My question is: could making chrome appear to be safari could be bad in some cases?

I dont want chrome with a identity complex do I? I would need confirmation on this from another Malcolm is correct. When I first downloaded the file, it opened for a microsecond then closed again without ever launching the Chrome window. Another The download has been updated. Thanks for the bug reports.

Just wanted to thank you for this. I saw this fix floating around, but never knew how to implement it on the Mac. Worked great once I realized that I had to move Chrome to my app folder.

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  7. Chromeflix was written before apps on Mac needed to be signed. I am not sure if it will work on newer versions of the OS the flags may have changed. Chrome was always able to play NetFlix video. ChromeFlix makes Chrome pretend that it is Safari, so old versions of NetFlix would not say that Chrome was an unsupported browser.

    If I had to guess about why Chrome is choppy on your machine, I would probably think it had something to do with the fact that Chrome on OSX is still bit and cannot address all of your system memory. Ask Google when they plan on releasing a bit version. Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog. You will receive notifications of new posts in your email.

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