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Make any changes needed to ensure the settings are correct. Something as simple as the Date and Time being incorrectly set can prevent a Mac OS installation from completing. There are a number of generally helpful troubleshooting tips that can get a wayward installation back on track. While not tied to a specific installation process, these tricks have been known to correct an underlying issue and get a Mac user going again:. Sometimes these settings can get out of whack, and have unusual effects on a system installation, not to mention causing your Mac to be a bit goofy in general.

Resetting them to their default states can sometimes correct issues you may be having. At this point, you should have been able to fix the installation issue you may have encountered. Name required. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Intermediate troubleshooting

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. When I woke up the Air in the morning, it would not accept my login password. I started in the recovery mode, used disk utility first aid to repair the disk.

Before you begin

An error occurred while removing the previous system. Unfortunately, trying gains gives the same result. The Air will not safe start either. I always get flashing folder with question mark when I shut down and reboot. I also noticed that HD is not detected as startup disk. I started from a bootable external disk and tried Migration Assistant to recover my data and documents.

Migration Assistant starts but quits without completing the migration.

Is this SSD shot, anyway to recover its contents? I do not have a recent backup. When I woke up the Pro in the morning, it would not accept my login password. Thanks Jeff. I have recently erased the data from my Macintosh Hdd. I then tried to reinstall mac os Sierra. When it checks for eligiblity, it says request timed out. Please help. El Capitan was the last OS to be listed in the app store—assuming you downloaded it from there. For the usual inscrutable Apple reasons, they have made subsequent versions of the Mac OS harder to find. Right after I installed Mojave, however, the lower RAM slot stopped working: two chimes at intervals.

Any suggestions? Revert to Sierra. You backed up your system before upgrading, right? I am reinstalling the Mac OS X high sierra in safe mode. I only have 2 minutes left to complete installation. I received an error message saying my internet connection failed. I have internet connection. I do not want to start the 3 hour process of reinstalling this program for the second time.

MacOS sierra Boot error ,Disk utility error 202 and solution

How can I continue installation without having to start all over? Once the clean install is finished you can restore your data using Migration Assistant. This will give you some control over the files you want to restore. For a more granular restore you can use Carbon Copy Cloner. Another way to reinstall over the Internet is by restarting in Recovery Mode is that what you meant by safe mode? That will require you to wipe your hard drive.

You must have a working system since you were able to post here—unless you used an iDevice. What should I do? There are lists of those somewhere on the net…. Need guidance please. I did a time machine backup before starting any of this. Was it that my time machine backup was not right?

OS X For instance, one of the reasons for your Mac slowing down could be that some apps hog too much RAM. To see if this is the problem, try opening Activity Monitor and see which apps take to much processing power. The app will then lose its preferences and stored info and roll back to default settings.

Installation Issues Commonly Seen with macOS

With every macOS upgrade there are older versions of apps that are no longer supported by their developers. The only solution is to upgrade to Office Then you might also experience flickering of certain images while browsing the web. The last issue is a grey screen or a blue screen that signal something going pretty wrong with the whole Mac-to-display connection. One of the issues that has been reported the macOS High Sierra is with wifi signals.

Resolving Disk, Permission, and Cache Corruption

Both these tools map the wifi networks within range of your Mac and identify areas where signals are either strong or weak. By using one of these apps, you should be able to tell if your Mac is having wifi problems. Find the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner and open its preferences. Hover on the device in question and click the X-mark next to it. This not just disconnects the device, but removes it entirely from the list until you pair it back.

How to make a bootable, external macOS Mojave install disk

Ramping up performance and adding new features while avoiding putting more strain on a battery is tough. Use iStat Menus , available in Setapp, to monitor battery life — as well as CPU usage, fan speeds, temperatures and a host of other data. If it does but the problem remains, change the alert style from 'Banner' to 'Alert' or 'None'. After that you can switch it to 'Banner' again and from now on it should work fine.

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  6. This part is for gamers only. Developers of these games and of the Unity engine, joined by threads on Reddit and Steam, have all voiced concerns about the APFS system and its compatibility with the main game engine and graphic controls. So, before you upgrade, hit Reddit or Google and find out if these troubles have been resolved.

    Wait for High Sierra to install and restart. When you see the Setup Assistant, choose the option to migrate data from another disk and choose the external disk as the source. Select the App Store app and confirm you want to force quit. Re-launch the App Store and try downloading again. Getting the rainbow wheel every few seconds after upgrade Check console. What if macOS High Sierra stops responding?

    Security issues in High Sierra: Password Stealing The only known and relatively famous security issue with the latest macOS is the password stealing code created by security researcher Patrick Wardle. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working hard on patching up the breach. Fix problems with apps compability With every macOS upgrade there are older versions of apps that are no longer supported by their developers. You will either see your screen blink twice or hear a two chimes. After that you need to have your System Management Controller reset also.

    That should do it. Bluetooth issues on macOS