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You can use the Encryption pop-up menu to require that bit encryption which is significantly more secure be used, though this might create problems with older servers that support only bit encryption. You can also specify the use of no encryption, although this pretty much negates the advantage of using VPN in the first place. The final option is to enable VPN on demand. Ordinarily, you must manually connect to a VPN to access resources located on its network.

When you attempt to access a website, file server, or other network resource that requires the VPN connection, the Mac will establish it automatically. For nontechnical users, this seem like a nice feature that makes remote access easier, but it can also create a security risk if the computer is stolen and access to a secure network can be directly compromised.

How to Connect to VPN Gate (Mac)

On the left side of the Configuration dialog box, you will see a Configurations listbox. You can use this listbox to duplicate your first PPTP configuration and use it as a template for additional configurations which could specify different VPN servers, user accounts, or authentication methods. You can then select which one of them to use from the Configurations pop-up menu in the main Internet Connect window.

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Share Your VPN Connection over Wi-Fi Using Mac OS X

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How to Connect to VPN Gate (Mac)

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Config PPTP Clients

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Bundle unlicensed and 3rd party code - VPN at your own risk. Leave your system open to attacks with unsigned network components.