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Up to 16GB memory. Up to 1TB storage 2. Up to 2TB storage 2. Up to 12 hrs battery life 4. Up to 10 hrs battery life 4. Turbo Boost up to 3. Storage 2.

Apple MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which Mac is Best?

Retina display. Full standard color sRGB. True Tone technology. Size and Weight 3. Height 0. Width Depth 8. Weight 2. Weight 3.

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Three microphones. Keyboard and Trackpad. Ambient light sensor. Force Touch trackpad for precise cursor control and pressure-sensing capabilities; enables Force clicks, accelerators, pressure-sensitive drawing, and Multi-Touch gestures. Bluetooth 4.

Secure Authentication. Integrated Touch ID sensor. Apple Pay. In the MacBook line up, the Pro is the pinnacle, making it the most desirable and costly laptop bearing the Apple badge. The reason for this is that it is stuffed with tech, from fast Intel processors up to i7 if you can afford it , to dedicated Radeon graphics cards.

The MacBook Pro is a beast of a laptop, designed to tackle complex video editing and graphical processing with ease. This is a thin touch screen that sits at the top of the keyboard and offers a context sensitive control panel. Uses include using it to scrub through the frames on a video file, or quickly add emojis to your messages. Is it essential?

Why Apple Killed the 12-inch MacBook — Air and Pro Updated

Is it cool? Yes, it really is. It all sounds rosy for the Pro, but it comes at a price. This model is the cheapest Pro, but still packs in enough power for all but the most demanding users. It will let you juggle your social media activity, Netflix binging, web browsing and daily work with ease.

So okay, the MacBook Pro can do all that too. But, it would be like buying a flamethrower to make toast — impressive, but overkill. Apple has long built its reputation on offering high end computing equipment that is desirable, not affordable. Well, nothing.

By this point, the old Air will practically be a fossil, specs wise. On a stockholders call in early , Apple promised that it was going to lower the price of the MacBook Air. But, upgrade to the inch model and the Pro comes with a dedicated Radeon Pro graphics card — this gives the inch Pro a significant boost when handling graphics. Sure, you can play Fortnite on it at a decent frame rate, but, more importantly, it can power through intensive media editing or graphic rendering with relative ease.

The Air comes with an 8th generation 1. If all you tend to do is browse the web, stream and email, then this really is more than enough. The Pro, though starts with a 2. In basic terms, this means that the Pro is a powerhouse. The MacBook Pro series is scalable depending on what your needs and budget are. In a meter race, the inch Pro would be signing autographs at the finish line while the Air was still listening for the starting gun. The peak of this was the launch of the original Air, which at the time was heavily advertised as being able to fit into an A4 envelope.

2. The MacBook Pro display can get way brighter than the MacBook Air screen.

It might have lost some impact today, but at a time when most laptops were knee-crushing behemoths, it was practically black magic. Weighing in at 1. This is effectively a sensor that monitors your environment and then adjusts the display accordingly. For most students, the Air is a perfect fit, thanks to its lower price point and portability. Yes, the Pro can do all this, too. But, the caveat is that the Pro is notably more expensive, and likely to be overkill for most students.

However, there will be some that find the extra graphical prowess and number crunching beneficial.

MacBook Air vs MacBook vs 13-inch MacBook Pro: Which of Apple’s small laptops is right for you?

Media students who are tackling video editing projects, or anyone taking on computer programming or graphic design, will find the extra muscle of the Pro beneficial. You can also see our guide to laptop specs explained. Check out its Apple Education site for offers. More on this — see our guide to the Best Laptops for College. Consider it like a sports car.