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This stylish Keyboards with a Start button are obviously designed for Windows machines, while keyboards with Command and Options buttons are designed for Macs. You can also find keyboards that are specifically aimed at iOS or Android users. Unlike conventional wired The bluetooth connectivity executed flawlessly and the backlit keys were a welcome treat.

Our only true gripe with the Logitech K was build quality; had the keyboard It's on the pricey side, though, so it's only worth it if you think you'll use its nifty 'easy switch' feature Every time I tried to write the conclusion to this review, it ended up being nearly identical to the one for Logitech's K—just updated for the Easy-Switch's unique features.

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And that's because, solar charging versus backlit keys aside, the two As we all move into a multi-display world — where our computing is done across multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones — some things have adapted but most have not. In fact, much of the hardware built today is very similar to just a few This is my new favourite gadget. The device itself is very simple: it's a Bluetooth keyboard that allows one-touch switching between paired Logitech is back with yet another superb keyboard, and this time one that's exclusively designed with Mac and iOS users in mind.

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Logitech's Bluetooth Easy-Switch K keyboard for the Mac is the wireless twin brother, a silver and black derivative of Logitech K Keyboard image copyright LogitechI spend all day writing and switching between a variety of devices to do it Naturally, keyboards are a big thing for me I have a lot of them and I'm always looking for something better Logitech sent me a At The Easy-Switch is also nearly flat, front to back, which is ergonomically preferable to a sloped design. The body of the Easy-Switch feels sturdy and solid.

Logicool K811 (Logitech) Illuminated Wireless Keyboard for Mac Review

According to Logitech, a 3-hour charge lasts for between 10 days with key backlighting on full and a year with backlighting off , depending on how much you type each day. Over a month or so of using the Easy-Switch with the backlighting at the second-brightest setting, I needed to recharge it only once. Wait, backlighting?

The keyboard automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlighting four levels of brightness are available based on the ambient light level, or you can press the F8 or F9 key to manually lower or raise, respectively, the brightness level. You can also manually disable backlighting to extend battery life. Whenever the keyboard detects your hands over the keys, it immediately turns the backlighting back on.

Specifically, you can pair simultaneously with up to three devices: any combination of Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPod touch models, or Apple TVs. A blue LED above the key flashes as the keyboard connects, and then glows solid for a couple seconds to indicate that an active connection has been established.

Keyboard K811 Illuminated Bluetooth, for Mac Logitech, USB, SLO g

In my testing, switching between devices worked quickly and flawlessly, taking only a few seconds for each switch. As with the K, I appreciated being able to use the same keyboard for all those devices, quickly switching between them without having to lift my fingers from the keys.

And the Easy-Switch is so compact and light that I could easily toss it in my bag for on-the-go iPad typing—which is why I recommended the Easy-Switch in my recent iPad keyboard buying guide. The only hitch here is remembering which F-key corresponds to which device. The surface of these keys is a bit too slick for my tastes—sometimes my fingers felt as though they were sliding around on the keys a little—but the concave shape means that a finger never actually slips off a key.

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