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Broken macbook pro retina screen Started by alexis. How to free up memory and storage on an ill-fated late MacBookPro Retina display Started by nuffademabungle Jan 3, Replies: 2. Macbook pro cable? Started by allfor5 Oct 20, Replies: 4. Can I build monitor from dead macbook and use it as external monitor..?? Started by Vilky Sep 26, Replies: 2. Powerbook Screen distortion Post thread. Laptop General Discussion. Started by cookiealexd Today at AM Replies: 3. Laptop Tech Support. Moderators online.

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Top Bottom. Jan 28, Jan 5, Dec 20, Aug 29, Aug 20, Jun 1, I changed my external display to hz and now I have a white screen. Apr 1, Macbook A boots but no display. Mar 16, Broken macbook pro retina screen. Mar 12, Jun 14, How to free up memory and storage on an ill-fated late MacBookPro Retina display. Jan 3, Macbook pro display problem. Dec 22, Oct 20, Sep 26, MacBook Pro display doesn't work.

Sep 13, Jan 8, Thank you so much!!!!

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I love you…. Thank you for your feedback. Problem black screen! Then it Kind of froze…. The shift- power Everything… It turns on and then after about a minute my keyboard lights up for a minute Or so… Then Dims off but I can still hear my laptop running- help? My macbook pro decided to stay black for several days. Only the fan and the sleepligth indicator worked. No respons on the screen whatsoever. Tried all combinations of startup procedures, without luck. I opened it up, ejected the ram, and cleaned the fans and tried startup again, but again no response.

The solution was to let it run out of power battery , then run all startup procedures connected to the charger. No response at all. I where afraid I had killed the mac once for all and went to bed. But suddenly it fired up and are back to normal. What a relief! Help, please! The screen has gone black on my MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina display.

I hate to spend that much on a 3 year old Mac. Any other less expensive suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I did just recent update Adobe Flash Player in order to complete required online training. Might that be causing the problem? Helped me. I was sure I had a bad graphics card. I had green spots all over my screen followed by the black screen. Nothing helped, including reseating the RAM. But your simple solution was perfect. Bless you! I tried all of the above but the screen does not come up. The power cord works and the orange light is on.

The sound comes on as well, but I dont know if that is to indicate that I turned the computer off, or that I turned it on, because The screen is black!! What else can I do?? If the solution above fails to help, then most likely your laptop suffers from lack of connection with the LCD panel driver. That was my issue. The LVDS connector is a very small and delicate piece but the LED backlight needs quite a lot of current compared to the size of the pins.

I figured out what was the cause of the problem when I removed the LCD.

Macbook Pro Cracked Screen Replacement 2008 2012 A1278 Apple Dollars #2

Its socket yes, from the LCD side, not from the laptop mainboard side was almost burned, perhaps because of the moisture. Cleaning it carefully solved the problem. Resoldering may also help, which I also have got done.

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The socket was also making the backlight appear uneven there are six pins responsible for the LEDs, fault of any of them will cause the effect. Dreading that drive I decided to try again. Here is a description of my problem and the solution…. Yay, the solution! When I turn on my MacBook Pro there was no sound, and no keyboard lights.

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The only way I could tell it was on was to look at the Apple icon on back of the monitor, it was lit up. Since I had no sound I waited until I saw the apple light up, then I tried that sequence of keys.

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After I got off the phone with him I decided to try it again, but this time I did not wait until the apple lit, and right away I heard the beep and it started correctly. So glad to hear that sound! I had the same issue. Machine starts but screen stayed black. Works fine if I plug into an external monitor. My machine falls into the group that Apple is repairing free of charge but this only continues through Check with Apple.

I dropped my MacBook Pro and almost cried. Thank you so much! Please help me out or email me lleade???? I tried everything, all of the above and then some. It worked.